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A shave by any other name

There’s no real easy way of writing a product orientated post, mainly because this is probably the first time I have done something to this effect. I don’t write about products often, simply because in today’s day and age, it seems as though bloggers get the living hell beaten out of them – digitally – when seen to be promoting products or the like.

Now, I have made two statements above that I must answer to; one, this will be a product post and two, this by no way means I’m a blogger. As you can see by the amount of updates strewn across your timelines on Facebook and Twitter feeds that my blogging career is taking off in the leaps and bounds  – NO.

I write about things that interest me and are relevant, that is all.

So, here we go…

A couple of weeks ago, I was given an incredible gents grooming product by the name; Truefitt and Hill.

There is no short way of explaining the history of the brand, so, if you’re interested in the legacy that William Frances Truefitt and Edwin Hill & Co. have laid before them, check out their website if you’re partial to a little time travel.

Now, in my possession, I was bestowed the following products;

  • West Indian Limes Shaving Cream
  • Facial Hair Preparation Lotion

I know that sounds all rather fancy, and let me tell you… it was. Both of the product oozed class and I don’t just mean that from a quality perspective; there was something really intuitive, manly and well, damn right classy about using the products in unison before taking a blade to my face.

I wanted to make this post quiet fun and relaxed, so instead of boring you with words, I documented the shave for your enjoyment…

Scenes may confuse straight men’s sexual orientation.
Scenes may contain vested wife-beater.
Scenes may intimidate the average beard.
Scenes may contain CLOSE UPS OF MY FACE!


I learnt a few things from the above experience;

  1. My face looks lank weird close up
  2. My face… looks lank weird
  3. Never compromise on the products you put on your face. End of story.

I had never experienced such a treated and  finished feeling to my face, post shave, ever. I mean, ever. The aroma of the West Indian Limes is alluring, beautiful and smoothing to the skin. A truly magnificent product. As for the prep lotion, I can’t say I felt that much of a difference… maybe the combination of the two is to thank for the after-glow, or perhaps my facial hair is just naturally superior and responds better to higher quality products *rolls eyes*.

In the end, I go back the my 3rd point made above, there is no compromise for quality when it comes to products like this. There is heritage ingrained in Truefitt and Hill that for me, remains unmatched. It’s safe to say, I’ll never be taking another bald to my face without the nourishment of a treatment and pre-shaving product like this again.

Truefitted and hopefully never over the Hill again,

4 comments on “A shave by any other name

  1. shebee
    June 18, 2013

    You’re still sexy as all hell. Shaven or not.


    • Dave
      June 19, 2013

      Oh Sheenz, you’re always too kind… thank you, dear.


  2. Dammit Dave, I hate you for making me want to spend money I know you didn’t.
    Also because you’re right, that’s almost as annoying as knowing that you’ll probably actually buy the products next time as well, proving the original point.

    ‘At our age’ you can’t fuck around, if you want to shave clean, spend the money and do it right, otherwise you’ll look like a speckled egg. Nice post 😉

    Except for the bit in the last paragraph about, “taking another bald to my face..”

    lovies from slaap stad 😉

    • Dave
      June 19, 2013

      Thanks for the comment, Matty… thought you might like this one.

      Back to the subject, the product is truly brilliant.

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