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My first competition winner!

I have been really bad in not updating my blog in a while…

So, consider this my formal apology. Or whatever.

My last post was to give away a set of 4 tickets to the HOLI One Colour Festival in Johannesburg – which turned out really well! I totally think I should do more giveaways, but maybe I should try and get a brand to give me something to give away instead of forking out money for prizes I can’t afford. I kid. I totally love giving stuff away… even if it’s out of my back pocket.

Call me crazy!


So, here we go… this is just a little shout out to my first EVAR blog competition winner; Carmen Hayley.

Now, I managed to get in touch with Carmen before the festival and asked her to send me one of two pictures of herself as a recent ticket winners and this is what she sent me;

Carmen is a WEENAH!

Carmen is a WEENAH!

Cute, right?

Now, I promise I don’t (always) choose my winners based on the hotness level, but I guess I was just lucky this time round!

Congratulations Carmen… thank you for sharing your story with me and for being such a humble recipient of the tickets! Judging from the photos of HOLI One, it looks like you had a blast! Hope to see you again here again soon, commenting and entering like a beast!

Some quips about Carmen;

  1. She digs a good jol
  2. Hails from Joburg, but lives in Cape Town
  3. Speak Shona (I know, right?)
  4. Loves to travel
  5. Digs the outdoors
  6. Rocks out to The Kooks
  7. Is slightly obsessed with Vampires
  8. Has 3 first names
  9. Owns her freckles… and…
  10. Loves a good set of free tickets!

If you want to check out a little more about my first awesome blog winner,  follow her on Twitter and check her our on Tumblr.

Till next time…


One comment on “My first competition winner!

  1. Zane Dickens
    May 14, 2013

    Welcome back, and kudos on the giveaway. A well deserving young lass by the sound of it too!

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