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My ABC-URLs of 2014

A few years ago, I stumbled across a super blog post from Nic Harry as he recalled his search phrases via letter over the year and thought I’d smash one out myself. It’s actually quite amazing the things attached to specific letters in your search bar.

Now assuming we’re all a part of the 21st century and we all use Google, then this little exercise can be done by any one.

NB: My little disclaimer here should state that I have only been using this – my current Mac – since August when I joined my new company. So, the usage on the machine is quite limited. Apologies about that.

So the object of this exercise is to clear your address bar in your browser and type in your ABCs, keeping in mind that you only enter one letter at a time and then post the corresponding address under the specific letter of the alphabet!

(EG: a = www[dot]apple[dot]com —> Got it…? Good!)

So let’s go:

a – addynamo.co.za (Have been using them to promote tweets throughout most of this year.)
b – businessinsider.com (Par for the course in terms of daily reading.)
c – citymob.com (Which is now http://superbalist.com/ since a rebranding. I miss CityMob.)
d – davidanthonyalves.wordpress.com (Obvz.)
e – electricsheep.co.za (Super niche South African tech and marketing blog run by Adam Skikne.)
f – fakers.statuspeople.com (Because I know. You tried to be sneaky about it, but I know. Dicks.)
g – grooveshark.com (Because music is good for the soul.)
h – html.net (Haven’t a god damn clue what I was doing here.)
i – indiechannel.co.za (Impressive short story video platform launch by Native VML for Jameson South Africa. Worth checking out.)
j – jsc.co.za (Because life is too short to live it with your feet always on the ground. Watch this space.)
k – khayadlanga.com (Arrogant has hell, but you can’t help but read everything he writes.)
l – linkedin.com (Obvz.)
m – memeburn.com (Where I have become an irregular author of marketing musings. Check it HERE.)
n – nashuamobile.com (Don’t ask.)
o – onemillionreasons.audi.de (If you want to see digital done right, check that link out. Incredible stuff from ze Germans.)
p – postsecret.com (Because secrets are people too.)
q – (Still nothing here.)
r – (Nothing here either. Refer to “NB Disclaimer”.)
s – standardbank.co.za (Because money.)
t – twitter.com (Super obvz.)
u – unitejoburg.co.za/unitejoburg (Cool little project from Adidas. Worth checking out.)
v – visa.co.za (Recent company client.)
w – webmail.telkomsa.net (Because I like clearing out SPAM for my Mum.)
x – darmano.typepad.com/logic_emotion/2011/03/searchsocial.html (Interesting read about online influence.)
y – youtube.com (Yah.)
z – za.linkedin.com (For some reason, I have the regional redirect for LinkedIn here. *shrugs*)

So, there you have it. Nothing special, but always interesting to see.

Hopefully next year I’ll have a little more to share with you!

Try it out… you might surprise yourself and drop me a line, comment, tweet or email if you do! Would love to check out yours.

3 comments on “My ABC-URLs of 2014

  1. Stealing this too!

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  3. Briget
    December 18, 2013

    I will be trying this!!!!

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