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It’s happening again.

No booze for the month of October.

Can it be done? Probably. Will it be done? Hell yes.

Since Project 10, I’ve noticed three things; beer tastes amazing. Beer…it tastes amazing and the amazing taste of beer is, well, amazing. No seriously, 3 things have happened; I’ve managed to find 3kgs, I have less money at the end of the month and beer, it tastes amazing.

Led's go...Soberville here we come.

With Summer rolling round and the awesomeness of the Rugby World Cup circle-jerk literally on our door step, there will be braai’s, braai’s and more braai’s which means one thing, wait…two things, wait, three things; roadblocks, drunken drivers and beer. Now, before you go scolding me for taking the beers name in vain, understand that even though I’m a lover of festivities, beer will be the main culprit of all that will go wrong over the next one and a half months.

Without beer, there’d be no need for roadblocks and douchey drivers on the road, wait, that’s a lie…there are always douchebags on the roads, but there is no doubt in my mind that they become even more of a hazard when they’ve sunk a few, so to speak. Embracing Sober October is and will be one of the easiest decisions I’ve ever had to make. Yah sure, I might be missing out on all the rugby related shenanigans, but hey…I’m kind of keen on pouring myself a tall glass of responsibility each and every braai, pub crawl and well, you get the picture. What can you expect from me during this time? Basically the same old man you’ve come to love, adore and make a catheter replacement each and every time I need to go to the bathroom. I know, it’s an endearing image. Just go with it.

Awesome campaign from Oz! Click the image!

Saving money? Not really. Depending on one month to replenish that that has been depleted in the last couple of months is a little ambitious to say the least, but hey, every little bit counts right? Right? It’s not so much the money, nor the drunken driving expeditions that has and will inevitably rub me up the wrong way if I chose to embrace October like a “human being”, it more the fact that I don’t know how much longer I can sustain being a sub 80kg man.

Yes, I’m talking about weight and self-consciousness and yada yada, all that insecure non-sense that has basically consumed my blogging life for this entire year. So, brace yourself for a few more tales from a fattie over the next month or two. Will one month make much of a difference to my weight? I think so, as long as I stay away from the sugary goodness that is Coca Cola – yes – I am…addicted – I think that if I manage to stay away from the addiction, I think I might stand half a chance in losing a little over this festivity induced period. Who knows though, right?

This is where I end off, wishing you all the best of the luck and safety over this time. If you liked or at least related to any part of this post, do me 3 solids, okay:

  1. Don’t drink and drive. Our cab services in South Africa, especially Joburg are pathetic, but use them anyway. Safe or sorry, you choose.
  2. Don’t over do it. Seriously, everything in moderation…except if the Boks win the world cup, then I might just have a cranberry juice; oh yes!
  3. Don’t text and drive. I recently watched this gripping documentary on YouTube from AT&T (Warning: it’s a little depressive, but lank eye-opening…) that told the stories of family and friends who lost loved ones because they were texting and driving. We all do it and it’s not worth it. Seriously. Remember this, if nothing else; “It Can Wait.”
Okay, this is the last word – promise – if you feel like taking up the fight, rubbing against the grain, which is not meant to sound dirty at all, support the cause by “going dry”, use the banner below to promote your own journey through Sober-October and tweet through your sobriety with the hashtags indicated below:
(I’m not attempting to start a movement nor take away from the amazing work “No Regret Friday” are doing, this is just me…doing what feels good. See you on the other side!)

Tweet sober this "Ocsober"!

6 comments on “Sober-October

  1. Mirisa Du Toit (@mirisadutoit)
    September 28, 2011

    Picking up a few kg’s is part of being HAPPY (singledom bodes better for a svelte body) and part of aging up. Yes, there’s a “3” in “30” – co-incidence? Think NOT.

    • Dave
      September 28, 2011

      Hahaha! Thanks for that pretty lady! I appreciate you coming by and sowing your seeds of goodness!

      Hope you’re well!

  2. Zane Dickens
    September 28, 2011

    Nice! We lost about the same 🙂 (I went from 91 to 82)

    It probably is the beer – I heard an ‘unassailable’ fact that it was like drinking a loaf of bread each time, and then you add on the alcohol :/

    Good luck with it – looking forward to your results.

    • Dave
      September 28, 2011

      Thanks buddy, really appreciate that man!

  3. Zane Dickens
    September 28, 2011

    Good luck with it mate – I’m on the fence as to whether I’m going to join you or not. I’m pretty much there most of the time but I’m loving my beer on Saturdays (Binge Day)

    So how did Project 10 end up? You reach your goals?

    I’ve plateaued on 82 kgs – the next goal is a six pack, hovering between 2 and 4 on a good day 🙂 It’s a tough ask burning off that last bit.

    • Dave
      September 28, 2011

      Haha! Hovering…

      Thanks for the comment, buddy! Yah, Project 10 went okay…if I had named it Project 9. Only managed 9kgs in the 6 months, but mind you it was because I lacked any gym time. Only managed to play soccer 2-3 times a week, which is fair, I guess.

      Recently I have packed on another 3kgs which brings me to the grand total of 79kg…not bad considering I have been really divulging since finishing Project 10, but hey…let’s see what happens after this month, shall we? I blame the extra 3 on the beer. Seriously, I do!

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