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The times, they are a-changin’

There comes a time in everyone’s life when things begin to take shape, whether it’s in their professional careers or their personal lives, things are always changing. Yeah sure, things can get stagnant at times, but the only reason things are probably getting stagnant is because you’re more than likely ignoring the things in your life that are changing, everyday.

I was once told that, the world stops for no man and by guard, it’s true. When things tend to fall apart around you or you become flustered with one thing or another, life just soldiers on without you and it’s up to you to catch up or be left behind in the dust bowl known as “what if”. It’s a sad truth, but a truth nevertheless that I’m sure most of us have come to experience at least a couple of times in our own lives.

Times. They're like...changing and stuff.

How does this relate to me and this sad excuse for a blog? Well, things are changing. I’m not exactly sure how, but they are. You know when you know, right? Well, that’s what I just keep telling myself everyday. I’m not sure if I’m convincing myself of it though or if things are really changing. Changing for the better? Hell yes, I wouldn’t really be writing about it if it was a negative change, now would I? Okay, maybe I would, but I wouldn’t sound as upbeat as this…I sound upbeat, don’t I? Well, it is positive and things are definitely changing for the better. It’s weird, even though I can’t exactly put my finger on it, I feels reassuring and it’s something that I’m truly comfortable with.

Even though I might not be totally aware of the changes themselves or be able name them in alphabetical order, I’m okay with whatever’s happening because it feels good. Personal or professional? Both maybe, I’m not too sure, all I know is that at the moment, life is really good and maybe, just maybe the title of this blog post should have gone something like; “Hells yeah Life, gimme a high 5” or “Take that negative Nancy” – I have no idea who Nancy is and I’m certainly not that upbeat naturally, so let’s just stick with what we have, shall we? You see, there it is again, acceptance of an uncertainty. *shrugs*

I’ve never been one to shy away from change. Look, it’s not exactly the easiest thing to accept – the fact that things are changing – after all, with change comes new challenges, stress, responsibility, yeah…you know, all those adult things! Hey, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for challenges and I have no problem with a fat pile of responsibility being plonked on my desk, in fact, I welcome it. The only thing that irks me though is, and I’d like to quote the late Biggie Smalls on this one; “mo’ money more problems…” Now, I’m not saying I’m in the running for “more money”, quite the opposite actually, but I am saying that it’s rather apt when it pertains to things you like, in my case, a challenge and responsibility. I no doubt feel that with this new change as it may, there will be a teething period that will fit much like a pair of new jeans – you know they’re your size, but they still need to be worn in…just ever so slightly.

Pass. It shall. And stuff.

Bring on the pain. Sounding moody again, right? Well, I’m no idiot and would be a fool to think that this change isn’t going to bring with it a delicious dose of pain. Emotional, physical perhaps or just mental, either way, something’s going to hurt and when it hurts, it’s going to suck. If it’s now sounding a little depressive, look at it this way…I’m trying to let go of the naivety of yesteryears and embrace all that life has taught me and what it’s taught me is that, with the good, comes the bad. Ever heard of that saying; “This too shall pass”?

A lot of literal Philistines use it when referring to something bad, as if to heed the pain someone else is going through and reassure them of the fact that it will eventually subside. Well, they’re wrong. The quote, “This too shall pass” is intrinsically linked to good times. Yes, good times. You know, when you’re feeling unbeatable, top of your game and so on. Well, it all passes and I have come to realise that the good times, they don’t last that long. Sure, they last a significant amount of time to enjoy them, but they rarely last for long enough…maybe that’s what we take photo’s, you know, to reminisce and stuff. With that said, my step away from naivety embraces the ideal that you, we, I should be truly relishing the good times for all their worth, because after all, “this too shall pass”. Hey, maybe that should be the name of this post…? Oh screw it.

To culminate – always likes that word – I urge you, my electorate, to embrace change, whatever it may be. There’s no reason to shy away from what will be, it’s going to happen one way or another so you might as well enjoy the goodness while it lasts in the understanding that kak is sure to follow and when it does arrive, take it on with no fear…and if it hurts, you know what?

It’s probably worth it.

2 comments on “The times, they are a-changin’

  1. Quin
    September 20, 2011

    I’ts absolutely inspiring Nancy, thank you!!!

    • Dave
      September 20, 2011

      Hi…who the hell is Nancy?

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