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Call off the search, I’m alive

Right, so here’s the thing…I don’t blog for the sake of blogging and I don’t choose to document every little instance that happens in my life on this excuse for a publication known as my blog. If I’m sounding a little pissed off it’s because so much had happened lately that I literally have not had the time to write – wait, let me rephrase that – I have not had the energy to write.

Coming home after a long day of being awesome literally leaves me with little to no energy to produce anything for you, my wonderful electorate. And if it sounds like I’m making excuses, it’s probably because I am and I apologise. On a lighter note, I’m back and have so much to share with you. Regrettably I’m not going to be sharing it all in this little post, because I want you coming back…yes, I’m going to draw it out. Come on, give me a break here…I haven’t blogged for over a month and none of you little bastards missed me. Shame. On. You. Okay, fine…shame on me. Whatever.

Onto business and business to be exact is great. As of the end of this month, I would have been at my current job one year and I can tell you honestly…I never thought I’d be doing this for a living, not in a millions years – and here I am…a year later. Incredible, to say the least. Grateful, to continue to say the least and without getting too self-laudatory (that’s a word I found recently), a situation that I believe I have begun to make some shred of an impact in this industry I now call home.

Being remarkable.

The man is betrothed…that’s right ladies. This man, is taken and happy and squishy and lovely and elated to be with a woman who has the ability to make the cloudiest of days shine brighter than the love child of Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein (eeeuuuwww). I know. I know. If it sounds like I’m giving this incredible woman more praise than a Sunday Mass it’s because she deserves it. “I feel pretty, oh so pretty…I feel pretty and witty and errrmmm”…yah, I feel lucky. Lucky because there’s no conceivable way that a man like me should be even sitting on the bench, wait, warming the bench for the bench sitters in her league. I feel privileged to be cared for by such an incredible woman – you know who you are.


My brother. The genius of a man is rocking Cape Town a new one in more ways than I can begin to explain. Currently he’s been splashed across nearly every television in South Africa in a new Stimirol advert for their new product called “The Taste Twist” – yes – I know I probably shouldn’t be giving kudos to another advertising company, but the advert is brilliant and my brother rocks this sh*t like nobodies son! If you haven’t already seen it, have a look at the video below, it’s quick and if you haven’t already picked him out…he’s the amazingly well spoken, good-looking guy peering over at the mangled basted lying on the floor.

There is so much pride on this side of the screen it’s almost too much to bare. He’s currently finishing up his 3rd year and has been called for a casting in the remake of “The History of Britain” – a madly popular and Emmy winning series featured back in 2000. The man is taking over I tell you. I shall forever ride the coattails all the way to the bank. Okay, not really, but really.

Without giving too much away, as I fear I already have in this post, I shall call it a day here and end off by saying thank you. Thank you to each and every one of you who come passed to spit and/or stroke this sad excuse for a blog. I’m completely grateful to have this as a medium to express my opinions, views and feelings. And for the last time, I’m sorry I’ve been away so long. *circle-jerk*

2 comments on “Call off the search, I’m alive

  1. Rubyletters
    September 1, 2011

    Good grief….good thing I was lying in bed when I noticed you actually posted otherwise I would have fallen off my chair:P

    • Dave
      September 8, 2011

      Very funny Letty!

      Thanks for the comment though luv!

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