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The mother cupping cupcake

So, post confessional rants are usually to say thank you for the absolute raping I received for my previous post – okay – thank you, no really, thank you. Moving on. This past Monday I happen to be given a cupcake by my HOD (Head of Department for all you non-coolness-speaking-peeps). The cupcake, brown in colour, resembled something out of a catalog…I mean, the delicious little thing didn’t even look real to me! It looked, well, too good to be true!

It didn’t stand a chance.

Seriously…the tiny little bastard didn’t even put up a fight.

I mean, it was literally begging me to devour it!

I took a bite…

About 0.45secs later I tweeted at the Cupcake Lady (the mastermind behind the taste-bud orgasm inducing morsel) and this is what my tweet looked like:

> That's right Ms.Biel...I will f-ing eat you.<

This all ties up to my last post on confessions and I’m actually proud to confess that I know the “Cupcake Lady” herself. This amazingly talented women goes by the name of, Angel Conradie and her cupcakes are exactly that…”baked by an Angel”! I know, right? I should totally charge for sexual favours right now! Anyway, here’s a little exert from her website:

I am The Cupcake Lady, and I am the undisputed Queen of Confectionary.

I simply adore cupcakes. So much so that I even have one tattooed on my right calf!

When you eat one of my cupcake creations, you will be able to taste how much I love making them, and you will want another one! They are baked fresh with the only the best ingredients, and I am constantly experimenting with new flavours, colours and icing techniques. Chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, crème brulee… whatever your taste may be, I have a cupcake to match it! They are decorated in an endless variety of beautiful designs to suit any occasion, be it a wedding or a whim, and now you can even have your cupcake in a jar!

My cupcakes have been described as mouth-gasms and are said to make your taste buds dance. I pride myself on making the whole thing taste divine, cake and icing together, and nothing leaves my kitchen unless I have tasted it and approved it.

I have now also started hosting cupcake decorating parties, supplying everything from the cakes to the sprinkles for a few hours of fun, whether it’s a kids’ party or some time with friends doing something different.

If after reading that you don’t go check out her website and order some damn-delicious-amazeballs cupcakes then you have no soul – just kidding – no seriously, no soul.

If that doesn’t tempt you…check these little creations out:

Dinosaur cupcakes! RAWR!

An octopus...on a cupcake! NOM!

Is that a Flake? ARRGH! NOM!

Hamburger cupcakes! NOM!!!

I told you so…go…order…you know you want to!

2 comments on “The mother cupping cupcake

  1. Rubyletters
    June 8, 2011

    Angel’s cupcakes is the bestest estest!

  2. Angel
    June 2, 2011

    OMW this is so uber-flattering! Thank you so very much!

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