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The Wild Card

What can only be described as a twist of fate, Jason Thomas…aka “I, the writer”, has been brought back from the studio where he’s been finishing up his rocking debut single that is prepped and ready to go! The powers that be from The Durex Ultimate Battle have decided that the two “winners” from the Play Off round at Rumours wasn’t enough and have awarded Jason the chance of being in the Top 20 bands (out of 150 I might add) as a Wild Card entry.

(Link to Facebook event if clicked on)

"I, the writer"

Now, usually I’d celebrate by getting naked and humping the first inanimate object I can find, but not this time! This time, I’m keeping my cool and asking you, my electorate to swing on by this Saturday to Cool Runnings in Fourways – yes, the one that looks like a Khoi San hut and come and support this rocking local talent! If you haven’t already heard his tunes, let me just tell you…this man is mustard! And I said that with the most cockney English accent I could do.

The Durex Ultimate Battle - Semi-Finals

As a wild Card entry, Jason remains the outside favourite going into this leg of the battle and he needs as much support as possible. What I managed to find out the last time we watched “I, the writer” at work, the venue took into consideration “the amount of people who came specifically to watch a chosen artist on the night.” I know, right? Bogus to the max. So, here’s the catch and a little insider information from me to you; there will be a cover charge at the door, but if you buy online through The Durex Ultimate Battle, you’ll grab a ticket for the event at a considerably discounted price – Win-Win, right? Or as The Sheen would say, “Winning”!

Well, that’s what we want for this local rocker, “winning” – the more peeps that come through the better his chances of winning. Plus, you’ll get to watch the other bands on the night, who I can’t remember but if they’re anything like the elevator assassins and Scissor-Sisters that were at the last battle, Jason is a shoe-in! So, come on down! If you manage to tweet me and let me know you’re there (and by that, I mean actually coming over and saying “Hello” in the flesh…I’ll buy you a beer! For real…no seriously, a tasty ale!) So, what are you waiting for…scrap whatever crappy plans you had for Saturday night and pull through to Cool Runnings to join me in watching “I, the writer” melt the faces off the people from Fourways!


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