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I, the writer’s performance review

Without sounding bias, I’m going to do my best to try and give a balanced opinion on this past Saturday’s Durex Ultimate Battle at Rumours.

Firstly the venue was in the middle of nowhere which really didn’t help me running late, but like the good ‘Online-Do-Hickie’ that I am, happen to make it on time to catch “I, the writer” open the evening performance of the evening. The man rocked okay, I mean seriously rocked and I have a sneaking suspicion that his music, a part from the faux pas in the beginning of his set that I’ll highlight later, may be slightly more intelligent that what the crowd were expecting and could relate to. I’m in no way calling the people who attended the event moronic by any means, what I am saying is that Jason’s music as “I, the writer” has a very intellectual appeal to it and might not have been easily relatable for everyone in the audience.

I, the writer rocking Rumours

The faux pas for the evening came early in his set as his accompanying drummer chose his final song by accident and played it second. Like the true professional Jason is, he went with it and did his best to revive what was a slightly premature finale to his set. What made it more confusing for the audience and those unaware of the faux pas is that he still finished his set with the premature played song played earlier – yes, he played the same song twice – but managed to pull a little tongue and cheek improv into one of the versus, which I don’t think many people picked up, reiterating my point that his set seemed to go over some of the audiences heads.

Jason rocking "Come and see them"

Overall, Jason performed admirably and despite the faux pas revealed a dark, moody and alternative “I, the writer” than I initially thought I’d see. Listening to his tracks from his Fan Page on Facebook I envisioned a more subtle set, something along the lines of Jack Johnson or John Mayer perhaps, but what I got was something of a darker, much deeper “I, the writer” than I expected on the night. I was surprised, pleasantly surprised actually because I knew right there and then that he played for himself and I respect that. He didn’t play to the crowd nor did he try and appease anyone else but himself and that says a lot especially in a competitive situation.

The other bands on the night and the two to go through were a band by the name of “Up Beat” who to me sounded like elevator music (a quartette) that honestly could be found in any Jazz Bar, in the world. Granted their set was decent and congratulations to them. The other band to go through, “Frame the Emotion”, are an all girl band that appeared to have brought their entire auto-shop class with them on the evening. They also had the distinct advantage of being the last band to play on the evening, leaving them top of mind for the judges. Their set was also unmistakably long and left most of us, the non-auto-shop-inclined audience left listening to what only can be described as a mediocre rendition of a bad mix tape of Paramore.

I, the writer - Jason Thomas

Okay, so maybe I wasn’t as unbiased as I set out to be but the more I write about it the more I feel justified in being one sided. In the end, I stand by my opinion in saying that I think “I, the writer’s” set went over most heads on the evening. Pity.

Well played, Jay.

I am officially a fan.

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