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7 weeks and counting

Without sounding melodramatic, there is a massive need to say what I’m about to say and I’m going to attempt to say it in the easiest way I know how. After a month of being on one of the most arduous journeys I have ever partaken, I feel as though I need to say a few things before carrying on with Project 10.

As most of you who read this load of hogwash will know that over the past couple of weeks I have been on a serious journey of “reshaping” as it may. I’m doing a lot of things different this year, for one, I have given up alcohol, all types to be exact and don’t bring up the fact that drinking a glass of wine in good for you and that whiskey is an non-fattening alcohol, because I might just spike your drink the next time you’re around. Let me begin by telling you the reasons for giving up the drink.

Too bad it doesn't work on other people...

Honestly, I’ve found it easier than giving up anything else because the power and the urge remains in my hands. Simply, I can easily stop my self from ordering a drink from a waiter or buying alcohol. I think out of all the things I truly miss over this last month, alcohol is the one thing I miss the least. Sure, the appeal of talking crap with work colleagues on a Friday afternoon is still there and has left me feeling “unfilled” at the end of the week but in hindsight, I’m starting to embrace “sobriety” as it may.

First of all, I’m way more observant on the social scene, whether that is a good or a bad thing has yet to be determined (simply because I think that most of the time, not seeing certain actions and mannerisms while you’re “on the piss” can work in your favour). Secondly, I’m saving money…a sh*t load actually.

You...have no idea.

Over the last month I have spent less than R100 every time I have gone out with friends, which is a huge change to the R500-R1000 I have been spending on a weekend basis per month. I know, right? If you work it out, that’s close to R4K I’m saving per month. Ridiculous when you think about it actually! Thirdly, I’ve embraced the mellow. I find that I’m a lot calmly and more composed when it comes to everyday life or situations that present themselves in the social scene. Before I was the first person to voice my “rub-you-up-the-wrong-opinion” and lately, the fact that I can really bit my tongue, which I have almost perfected in the professional environment, has infiltrated into my social life. Lastly, I don’t miss the hangovers nor am I feeling I’m missing out on anything when it comes to hearing my friends having their “weekend-benders” or week drinking episodes for that matter – I really don’t miss those.

"Here's to boners..."

If it sounds like I’m still trying to convince myself that what I’m doing is a good thing, well, maybe you’re right and I guess I’m having to reassure myself that this “dry spell” is a good thing. When I think of it logically, all of the positive points I have mentioned above are good, inherently good actually and have impacted positively on my life, but there is this part of me that is still trying to weigh up the idea and feeling of having a frivolously, alcohol induced good time with the positive anecdotes stated above. That might seem stupid to you but in the end, giving up something that was never a problem, so-to-speak, to attain a health, wealth and a self-improving goal is much harder than giving something up that was life threatening.

At this stage in Project 10, I’m happy to announce that I have lost, solidly (meaning maintaining the loss for more than 3 days), 6 kilograms. I know, it’s ridiculous and apparently it has all fallen off my face.

Nom Nom Nom Dave...

But honestly, I havenoticed an vast improvement in my physical appearance. I somewhat regret not measuring myself before starting this never mind taking photo’s for a before and after comparison. Regardless, there has been an improvement both physically and mentally.

Keeping focused is not my biggest struggle, it’s more so the fighting the urges to reward myself for the “hard work” I have done so far. I’m petrified that if I jinx it’ll set me off on a path to self-destruction/ slash/ indulgence… see what I did there?

So far, it’s become easier to not think and focus on the diet as much as I have been in the past couple of weeks and to me, that’s progress.

12 comments on “7 weeks and counting

  1. lexamantis
    March 4, 2011

    Keep it going! So awesome!!! x x x

    • Dave
      March 4, 2011

      Thank you so much luv! Really appreciate the support!

  2. labetenoir
    February 28, 2011

    good job soldier! now drop and give me 20!

    • Dave
      February 28, 2011

      Yes ma’am.

      *tears off clothes*

      I mean…errrm…this is awkward.

  3. dori73sa
    February 25, 2011

    Awesome! A friend of mine lost about 5 kilos in a month just by giving up drinking beer – it really does help with the weight loss.

    What exercise routine are you starting? Start slow and build it up or you will exhaust your body after a couple of weeks and it will start rebelling in odd ways (trust me, I learned the hard way!).

    Good luck and keep going – you are one of my main inspirations on my own ‘Killing the Kilos’ journey!

    • Dave
      February 28, 2011

      Thanks for that luv. Really means a lit to hear that I’m in some way motivating you!

      Starting to exercise only this month so we’ll see what drops next…a little more weight or one of my lungs!

  4. JessicaGiggles
    February 25, 2011

    Way to go Dave! Keep it up!

    Hope you have started measuring yourself so that you can note the changes. And I hope you have started taking photos. You may not see the changes now, but when you put a photo from week 2 next to a photo from week 4, the change will be noticeable.


    • Dave
      February 25, 2011

      Hey Jessie, thanks for the comments luv!

      Unfortunately I haven’t taken photo’s, feel really stupid to not have done it, but hey…it’s the encouragement from others that keeps me going as well as the feeling that I’m doing something for me, and apparently getting it right.

      Who knew?

  5. Zane Dickens
    February 25, 2011

    Sounds good Dave – the measurement thing is really helpful though and I hope you’ve started now?

    I fully agree with the alcohol bit, its something I’ve been doing for a while as well. Not a stringent 100% prohibition but basically a drink or two on a night out (believe it or not I’ve got a built-in Designated Dave [er… me not you] going on) and pretty much nada at home. It definitely helps with the fat loss. Especially if you had (as I had) a healthy appetite for the suds.

    On my own Project 10 journey, I’ve managed about 6 – 7 as well. Although I know I’ve put on muscle as well, how much I’m not sure. Preliminary beef cake status is on hold. My girlfriend’s trusty scale tells me loads more than just weight (body water, bone density, muscle mass, fat percentage – whether SARS is coming or not…)

    Keep up the epic performance, and the spirit!

    PS – Rugby gets a lot harder when you get older. Hold thumbs for me, I’m playing my first game tonight in 9 years. I’m thinking of buying shares in Deep Heat and Reparil Gel…

    • Dave
      February 25, 2011

      Thanks for the comment buddy!

      6-7…nooo! Dude, you’re ahead of me! To be fair, I have been doing little to no exercise – a spot of 5 a side footie twice a week for the last 3 weeks might mean something to others but has got nothing on what I’m planning on putting myself through at the end of the month. Just thinking of the imminent start of it all is beginning to wain heavy on my legs…I mean conscience! It’s going to be heavy, that’s all I know…

      Dude, it sounds like you’re on an amazing path man! Just reading your comments is major encouragement to keep going, so thank you and keep it up buddy, I’m rooting for you hardcore you Rugga-Bugger you! With that said, good luck tonight man…don’t go breaking anything now, a part from a sweat yeah? Yeah!

  6. michelle
    February 25, 2011

    Well done!! Keep it up! X

    • Dave
      February 25, 2011

      Hey Mishie…thanks for the kudos luv! Means a lot!

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