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Another 2 weeks…I’m fine

With another two weeks under my belt, or should we say…“off my belt”, I am a little more impressed with myself. Before you go assuming that I think of myself as the Next Top Douchebag…think again…I am far from over and after 3 weeks the enormity of what I have truly gotten myself into has begun to dawn on me like the imminent sunrise on a vampire stranded at a bus stop at 5AM.

Don’t know why I mentioned the word: vampire.

This twinkie comes with f-ing sparkles, I mean sprinkles!

Lame Dave, lame.

Onwards. So, unfortunately I have not mustered up the courage to take “before” photo’s of myself as yet, yes…embarrassed…FOAD alright, this stuff is personal and that is exactly what I’m planning on doing here with this post, my 2 week update.

I’m getting personal…

Over the passed couple of weeks I have definitely noticed a change, and in more than one respect. For instance, I cannot stop peeing. I know it has got to do with the amount of water I’m currently taking in, but jeezuz! It’s a little ridiculous actually…imagine being woken up by your bladder shouting at you:

“Hey, this dickhead’s got to go…NOW!!!”

Apologies about the visuals, but when you think about it…it’s your mind that’s getting all gutter-like on my blog post! In addition to that, well, I have become more “regular” as the Special K advert calls it which is a good thing especially if the stuff I’m putting in is good enough to feed a baby.

Craving-wise everything is driving me insane and to date there are only a handful of items that I would just about murder a homeless person for:

  1. McDonalds fries —> Holy F#*k Beans!
  2. A glass of Coca Cola with ice…wow!
  3. Pizza…insane craving.
  4. Ice-cream – although I have recently bought  diabetic ice-cream, which is completely sugar free with a super low fat content. Saving it for my Birthday…in April! *screams*
  5. And last but not least…a beer. Yoh.

Unfortunately my personal demeanor has changed somewhat, I have started to become a little snappy, which I’m keeping an eye on and as long as I can have a nicotine fix, I reckon I’ll be okay for as long as it take for me to give up the puff. I still look at myself in the mirror and feel disgusted, so my self worth is still at an all-time low. When I think about it, I’m not sure why that is because I have been so disciplined with what I’ve eaten that I should be feeling proud of myself or at least be giving myself a pat on the back, but, noooo…still self-destroying everyday. I guess in some twisted way it helps me stay motivated and the more I can reprimand myself on an daily basis the stricter I’ll be able to maintain my current path. Sho…so deep Dave. Jirr.

Thanks Phil, you fat f#*k!

Other than that, I’m okay. Possibly there are results, visual results, which are unfortunately half the battle. But possibly they are there. which is good. Results are good and it’s obviously working…regardless of the Coke cans speaking to me through the fridge door on a hourly basis, it’s working…and I’m fine…I’m fine.

Here’s a little “taste” of what I have retrained myself to over the passed two weeks: (I know, right? Apologies about the short-handedness…I have still been documenting everything via Twitter. It just makes it easier and it so real time that it play a role as an additional motivator.)

Day 7: 2 black coffees, 2 x stewed fruit yogurts, 300g of grilled hake and a full portion cherry tomato salad, 8 glasses H2O.
Day 8: 3 black coffees, 2 Jungle Oates breakfast bars, 200g grilled hake, 8 veg dim sum and pheking chicken dish, 8 glasses H2O.
Day 9: 3 Jungle Oates bars, 2 bananas, Greek salad & 250g chicken breasts, 250g fillet, 1 Grapetiser, 2 black coffees, 6 glasses H2O.
Day 10: 2 x black coffees, roast beef salad, 300g grilled chicken, Greek salad, 8 x glasses H2O, 3 x lime&sodas.
Day 11: Bowl of Special K and banana, sesame chicken salad, 4 x Provitas with cottage cheese, 200g fillet steak, 6 glasses H20.
Day 12: 1 slice brown toast, 2 boiled eggs, chicken soup, 4 Provitas, scrambled egg (fat free milk), 500ml orange juice, 1L H20.
Day 13: 2 x Muesli bars, 1 Grapetiser, 340g tuna, 1 x slice whole wheat toast, 1 iced coffee, 6 glasses H2O, 2 coffees.
Day 14: 2 black coffees, 300g Thai chicken strips, 1 BOS iced tea, 2 boiled eggs, 2 virgin Mojitos, 8 glasses H2O.
Day 15: 2 black coffees, 1 smoked chicken salad, 1 small box’o’popcorn, 300g rump, 8 glasses H2O.
Day 16: 2 black coffees, 1 smoked chicken salad, 150g biltong, 25g White grapes, 1 banana, 300g grilled chicken, 8 glasses H2O.
Day 17: Special K & banana, 100g peanuts & raisins, 100g biltong, 3phyllo steak canapés, 2 black coffees, 200g fillet, 2 boiled eggs.
Day 18: 2 pieces of brown bread with avo & pepperdews, chicken soup, 4 Provitas, 2 boiled eggs, 300g fillet and an Italian salad.
Day 19: 1 banana, 2 Provitas, 300g chicken stir fry with noodles, 340g tuna salad with pepperdews. 2 black coffees. (Yesterday)
Day 20: Bowl of Special K&banana, 90g almonds, 250g grilled kingklip, steamed mixed veg, 1 Peach Ceres, 2 black coffees, 2L H2O.
Day 21: Mixed fruit yogurt,30g almonds,roquette salad w/ pear, biltong, pepperdews, sesame seeds & camembert, 2 black coffees, 1,5L H2O.

Impressed? Don’t be. I’m suffering. It’s hard and I fear like my discipline to maintain the healthy part will not outshine my insatiable urge for food. So even though I’m eating really well, I still need to watch factors such as portion size otherwise everything I will be striving for will be for nought…bru.

I’m also not “klapping gym yet bru”, so stop asking. My first two months are to change my current eating habits. Only then will we start talking about self-masturbation (as “Tyler” would say, of course). I am playing 5-a-side soccer again, which is good I guess and might bump it up to twice a week which will be a good starting point because it’s relatively light in comparison for what I have planned for myself.

To conclude, thank you to everyone who’s supporting me, you know who you are. Every bit counts, so keep it coming, I’m so harsh on myself that I’ve realised that I’m going to need people to motivate me this year…and I don’t particularly like replying on people.

Here’s to another 3 weeks of goodness…“Cheers”*raises celery stick*


18 comments on “Another 2 weeks…I’m fine

  1. Danae
    February 18, 2011

    It would be easier to read if your typos weren’t a pick-axe to the frontal lobes. Supposably.


  2. Danae
    February 17, 2011

    “past couple of weeks” not “passed”, “naught”, not “nought”, “relying on people”, not “replying”. Add spaces after your ellipsis… :p

    Nice blog. And I feel your pain. Yes, I do indeed.


    • Dave
      February 18, 2011

      Jusis…thanks for that T.S. Elliot.

      I don’t write to be marked. I write to be read.

      Deal with it.

  3. lexamantis
    February 15, 2011

    So glad it’s going well with the project… I know, I’m way late in reading this, blah blah – I have a life, and it’s not as healthy as yours 😉
    Really amazing, inspiring.. hope you keep at it…you’re great… you go boy… all that stuff… I’ll even give you a Woohoo, and I aint a woohoo-ing type of person…
    Keep us posted! x x x

  4. JessicaGiggles
    January 29, 2011

    You’re doing really well! Keep it up!
    *does a little cheer-leader routine for you with pom poms*

    • Dave
      January 30, 2011


      Thank you Jessie! Thanks for the support pom-pom-person!

      Regards to Gary!

  5. Sezleigh
    January 29, 2011

    21 days and its a habit and all that….
    It is f-ing hard to stick to it, so Well Done!

    • Dave
      January 30, 2011

      Thank you Sarah…really appreciate you coming by and commenting luv!

  6. T
    January 28, 2011

    I love that you’re doing so awesomely with this. Yay! Like Rubes said, some of us are absolutely pathetic and have veered from the fully righteous path with a cheat or two while you are just doing it. So impressed. And jealous. 😉

    My geek crush stands no matter what though xxx

    • Dave
      January 28, 2011

      Wow Tara…thank you luv!

      Support like yours keeps me motivated!

  7. megantheron
    January 28, 2011

    Congrats babe! You’re doing really well and I agree with Ruby! I noticed the weight difference instantly in your cheek bones. You’re beginning to inspire me too and I actually bought a diary that has a calorie counter in it – Bleugh!

    • Dave
      January 28, 2011

      A calorie counter…?


      I think that would drive me insane! Thanks for the kudos though Megs, really means a lot.

      Wait a sec…my cheek bones were fat?

  8. Zane Dickens
    January 27, 2011

    Keep pushing bud!

    Take the damn before pic – remember you only really need to show it when you have the epic after pic and then it only serves to make you look even better now.

    [That’s my plan at least. Slow Carb is going well FYI. No willpower required. 😉 Join the damn cult – we have cookies on Saturdays!]

    • Dave
      January 27, 2011

      Cookies on Saturdays! Damn you Mr.Dickens!

      Thanks for comment buddy, really appreciate it!

      Are you still on the 4 hour Body regime?

  9. Rubyletters
    January 27, 2011

    yay for a blog post:) *pats Dave fondly on the head*

    Jeeze hun….you’re really having it tough:( *big hugs* however, i want to tell you that I’m very impressed…a lot of people who made themselves the same kind of promise folded ages ago already…you on the other hand are still hanging in there and I do believe you will be successful and see it through. I’m standing right here with my little pompoms cheering you on…just shout if you need someone for a provita and black coffee meeting:) *hugs* good luck!

    • Dave
      January 27, 2011

      Aaaww Letty, thank you my luv!

      So supportive!

      You rock!

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