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Recently I have become the proud owner of the new iPhone 4 and it’s been everything I could have asked for. The phone is flawless, well not flawless, but so well rounded I’m dying to change my relationship status on Facebook. Now, I’m in no way a tech blogger nor will I even attempt to begin to blog about the phone’s capabilities or supposed flaws, what I will do though is keep you up to date on how the phone has changed my life…yes, it’s life changing.

Since entering into this estranged relationship I have been lucky enough to be given a super “hand-out” from the guys at BuyCool, an online website that sells Mac related and PC goodness from all angles. The store is unbelievable and I recently blogged about an amazing online competition they were running, “All this for what? I’m in…“. I gave them a little online love and half killed my Twitter followers with updates on how to enter the competition. Regardless, for my efforts I was given a rocking pack of BuyCool goodness, accessories that have ensured the security of my sh*t, in other words a set of rocking covers for “iCandy” (originally “iStacey”) – that’s what I’ve called her – yes, my iPhone is a she and it’s only because it’s responsive to the touch and loves to wear pretty things! Right, moving on…

This weekend I attempted to accessorize iCandy with a clear plastic cover to protect her beautiful face, a plastic protection film that came complimentary to the rocking covers from the peeps at BuyCool. What I didn’t envisage was how f-ing hard it would be to put one of these films on. I had heard similar complaints from other iPhonians and they all give me the same reply…

…”dude, just go to the iStore, they’ll sort you out…”

iDouche City.

Sounds simple enough, right? Wrong. This past Saturday, I visited the Apple guru’s and the response I got from them was less than enthusiastic…wait, let me rephrase that…it was disgusting. Looking at me as though I was an invalid, the first “consultant” I encountered immediately made a face representative of the tequila face you see on a regular Saturday night of debauchery. He fobbed me off to the “technical” inquiries desk who then proceeded to give me a long story about hows “this is not something we normally do” and “our resident protective cover guy is out for lunch at the moment” and to top it all off “what’s the matter with you, can’t you do it yourself?” – I swallowed my iPride, picked up my iBags, grabbed my iPenis and shuffled out of iDoucheland.

You are the ball lickers…track balls, I mean…

So, where’s my issue you ask? Well, common decency I suppose. I’m not one to complain, I really don’t but if I was at least given some kind of “hint or tip” to take away with me to ensure that iCandy got her protection on, then I wouldn’t be writing this…either way, Sandton City iStore (Banking Mall), Land of the iDouches…I hope you read this, I hope you snigger and then contract iGonorrhea and suffer long and painfully.


5 comments on “iDouche….

  1. lexamantis
    January 3, 2011

    It’s a national issue though – SA customer service is non existent at the moment. It always comes accross to me like store clerks feel like I am wasting their time by being in the store, like it’s an EFFORT to assist me with anything… Its appalling!

    • Dave
      January 3, 2011

      Totally agree luv…f-ing disgusting.

      I’m so over this issue though, can’t stand thinking about having to keep buying Mac if it’s going to be from them!


      Ps: Thank you for coming by Maresa!

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  3. Fatima
    December 21, 2010

    Their service is pathetic. They make it so hard to buy Apple products in SA. You actually don’t want to buy Apple products after that.

    I had such a lovely experience with the REAL Apple store employees in the US that in future I would rather buy an airplane ticket and deal with the Americans instead.

    • Dave
      December 21, 2010

      Totally agree with you Fatima.

      If you’re going to represent an international brand such as Apple, they need to pick up their bloody game and get it right…

      First and last time I visit that store for anything!


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