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30 Days of Mo…

Yes ladies, it is done and you can all dry your thighs and put your big girl panties back on and and come for a cuddle…the Mo’s are gone. But mock my words, you’re going to miss them. Honestly, when was the last time you saw a group of men more dedicated to a cause like this, other than the Super 14? Exactly, moments like these are few and far between.

So, what did I learn…well, for one, the gents around me began to drop like flies round the 20th of the month and it got progressively worse until the end of the month. I have never heard so many men complain about a little bit of hair…“oooh…it’s so irritating”“I’m over it”“oooh, my chick hates it”BooHoo boys, if you lost sight of the main reason you were growing it you shouldn’t have started in the first place.

Personally, I spent a lot of time on my own this month thinking about – yes, morbid as it may – but the people around me affected by Cancer. Candidly, I have 3 close friends who have lost an immediate family member because of Cancer. I spent a lot of time thinking about them and willing myself to relate. It’s hard, draining but rewarding at the same time. I also began to think closer to home. Specifically about my father who, in all honesty, does not have the healthiest lifestyle under the sun. I thought about him and what it would be like not having him around…I told you it was a little morbid. Okay, so I thought about death – a lot – this month but I also thought about life.

Those that have been through the heartache and the pain, the survivors and the families who have pulled through those treacherous times to embrace the light through so much darkness – Wow – Go Dave. I focused on them, the ones who have taken the hardships of life to the boys locker room and given it a good romping, “Sleepers-Style”. *Gruesome image* But it’s true. So, without further adieu…

30 Days of Mo!

I dedicate my Mo to those that have lost, beaten and are still fighting with Cancer. Men and women alike, you are all soldiers in my book…and that I can tell you means the f-ing mustard in my opinion.


PS: If you have been following my kak this month you’ll know that I have been doing a collection drive at my current – permanent, ah thank you – place of work. I will do a follow up blog to this on the amount we managed to raise (simply because there was no formal donations involved – simply out of the goodness of each of the contributors hearts) for CANSA during the month of Movember. Well done Aquanauts!

3 comments on “30 Days of Mo…

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  2. Charles
    December 1, 2010


    We need more men like you in our society. Thanks for your words – they might be meaningless to you, but they inspire others to chase their dreams, cancer or no cancer.

    Much like you, I’ve spent this past month thinking of loved ones, and I’d like to think that wherever they are, we can believe good things for every individual.

    Take care and rock on!

    • Dave
      December 1, 2010

      Holy balls of glory Charles. That has got to be one of the nicest comments I have ever received on my blog.

      Thanks a lot man, keep rocking on bud.


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