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All this for what? I’m in…

Before I start with this, I’d like you all to know that I am not one for punting stupid competitions…let alone entering them – case in point the Spam-a-rama soaked Afrihost Twitter based competition that everyone to their knees a couple of months ago. Unlike that particular competition, I always have my eye open for quality competitions floating around and when I do find one, I make sure I sure it with my fine electorate.

Firstly, can I just say that this size (package) totally trumps the little give away from Afribore and to be honest with you, I have not seen a give away like this in a long time. The last exceptional competition I saw (and entered) was the Southern Sun bloggers competition which I actually won – and ashamedly have not used yet – I think the prize has even expired. I know…a free holiday, down the tubes, nice hey! Well, I refuse to let another kickass competition slide by without giving it a full on and go and at the same time share the awesomenessness with you…check this out:

The package includes…

An Apple iPad 16GB Wi-Fi, a Hannspree Green Apple 9.6″ LCD TV, a pair of Skullcandy Glen Plaid T.I. headphones a Cygnett Glam iPad Cover, aPowertraveller Gorilla PAD and a Cygnett Groove Bassball mini speaker.

Dry your thighs people...jeesh!

I know, right? Absolute freaking boners!

Now before you all go off and lose your sheeet…there are a few steps you need to take care off before jetting off into prize-filled wonderment. The conditions for an entry to the competition is that you have you submit your email address as well as three of your mates. Oh, we’re you expecting a Twitter-Spammage? No, not this time…it’s as easy as that – oh, and another thing…your have to subscribe to the BuyCool.co.za newsletters. Now, I know what you’re thinking…f-ing Spam, but be serious now, with a give away like this, being informed about such great products doesn’t exactly constitute as spam, now does it?!

Be Cool, BuyCool!

So, what are you waiting for, get on over to BuyCool and enter…you’d be brain-dead if you didn’t…go on – be cool.

You can find BuyCool here too:

6 comments on “All this for what? I’m in…

  1. Chris M
    November 22, 2010

    Sick prizes, have entered! 🙂

    • Dave
      November 22, 2010


      Thanks for coming by Chris! Can always depend on you to give support!

  2. Briget
    November 22, 2010

    OMG!!! I am sooooo entering this!!

    Now delete this post before too many others see this comp!!

    • Dave
      November 22, 2010

      I know, right!?

      Insane, I honestly thought it was bullshit when I first came across it, but I’ve even spoken (email) to the guy and it’s lank legit…so impressed that quality SA companies like these – even as start up as this – can put themselves out there! Really gives me hope for start ups in SA, if they’re anything like this we’ve got some serious potential on the rise.

  3. Conust
    November 22, 2010

    Is a very well written post. Thanks for the information posted. Sorry for my English

    • Dave
      November 22, 2010

      No problem, thanks for coming by.

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