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The Social Network Experience

Last night I attended the “blogger’s premier” of The Social Network.

Yes, I know that might sound really geeky – a movie based on a social network – one that most people in the day and age take for granted on a daily basis and have come to accept as a part of their daily routine. Supposedly there has been a study (and it feels like the umpteenth time I’m mentioning this) that a high percentage of people even check their Facebook Feed and Time line even before getting out of bed or eating. Scary stuff, or is it really?

No sh*t Sherlock.

Firstly, the movie was insightful, how much of I can’t truly confirm to be the truth because in the end, who knows how it all went down between Mark (because him an I are on a “fist name basis” situation) and his business associates actually went through to create, thefacebook.com and eventually Facebook itself. My honest opinion is, I have no idea. After pealing back some of the layers of the “actual accounts” surrounding the developing of the biggest and most valuable social network to date is that doing business with friends is hard. I can relate. The road to ZAGlamour “stability” has been a hard, long and testing road and the flexibility of friendshipd has been tested along the way. Obviously this is no where in comparison to Mark and Eduardo (who landed up suing Mark for $600m – ouch.) but the story is there, the harship is there and even though we all might not know the full story behind the interaction between them, you can feel and get a sense for what they went through together and apart. Another insight taken from the movie is a look at what an truly viral, unique and revolutionary start up appears from infantry. The internet is a scary world and Mark Zuckerberg is the kid who even though is too old to be dressing up for Halloween, is still hiding behind cupboard doors and leaving plastic snakes in your bed just for the hell of it.

If the movie is anything to go by, I can honestly say that the man is a genius. He will be forever remembered for being able to take a real life social experience, placing it online in such a way that influenced people to share as much information as possible in order to help brand and companies target their audience in a more efficient way. If you ask me, there won’t be a more original idea or cult to match it for a long time.

Thanks for the free popcorn and coke...was a blast. *jokes* Jirrr.

Special thanks to 2OceansVibe, the pragmatic Seth Rotherdam, for putting the “Blogger’s Premier” together and to Ster Kenikor for hosting the Premier. Next time, a larger Coca Cola would be massively appreciated.


5 comments on “The Social Network Experience

  1. Thulane
    October 26, 2010

    Can’t wait to see this movie. It’s already getting Oscar buzz!

    • Dave
      October 27, 2010

      Sho…not sure about “Oscar Buzz”, I think it might be stayed and remain a cult classic for many years to come.

      Thank you so much for commenting my friend, always enjoy having you come by and read up on my crap!

  2. Zane Dickens
    October 26, 2010

    Sounds like fun, I’m still deciding on whether to watch it at the cinema or “dvd”. I’m not sure what it is but there’s something about The Zucker that irritates me, he’s my Bill Gates of the 21st Century.

    Either way he’s a bazillionaire, and fair credit for getting there however he got there.

    • Dave
      October 26, 2010

      Aaah…”Zuck”…the man is an enigma.

      I recommend you see it at your own pace buddy, not seeing it at the cinema is not going to kill you, trust me, but there is still something pretty special about popcorn and coke. Either way, I recommend it to anyone who uses social media in anyway, personal or for business. Jesse Eisenberg’s portrayal of “Zuck” is brilliant, scary brilliant actually as is the performance of Andrew Garfield who played Eduardo Saverin – “Zuck’s” initial business partner and “Co-Founder of Facebook”. It’s pretty sterling either way.

      Thanks for the comment buddy, always appreciated.

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