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The reason for silence, I’ve lost my voice.

Yes. You may all scream at me at once and I’m with the exceeding amount of emails that have somewhat taken over my Inbox, I’m probably not going to hear you…so go ahead, scream, see if I care, but before you do…just hear me out –

>>> I apologise <<<

There, I said it…am I forgiven? Okay, fine, I’ll let you get over yourself on your own terms. To divulge into why I’ve been so quiet will take too much of your time so I’m going to give you the highlights of the last couple of weeks which will hopefully shed some light on the matter. As many of you will know I have taken a full time job at a Johannesburg based company called Aqua Online and after this first month I can safely say that I have never felt so lucky as I do today being surrounded by some of the most professionally driven and creative people I have ever met. If I believed in g-d I would feel blessed.


In light of that, I have not been this busy in as long as I can remember. Juggling my different interests, this incredible job and trying to maintain a social life has taken it’s toll and the truth of the matter is that I have not had time to write. I feel as though I have put so much time and effort into this blog that it started feeling like work and when a “hobby” starts to feel like work, you’re doing it wrong.

Secondly, the title of this post might seem misleading so let me explain. I always knew the industry would be this way, having to stand be pilloried behind a brand and I say pilloried because that’s what it feels like sometimes. It’s as though people, the general public could care less about those on the receiving end of your abuse towards a brand. Granted their should be an emotional separation between yourself and a brand, but I believe human nature creates bonds where ever one spends a progressive amount of time and that includes ideas. You get attached, you feel, you create a bond with that particular something and hence, I can report a slight “loss in cabin pressure”. Yes. I get affected by the out-of-line comment people say to brands. I can honestly say that I have bad mouthed a brand or two in my time but no where in the same playground as some of these other industry bullies…digressing slightly there, but the point I’m trying to make here is that replying to these industry concerns has curbed my personal enthusiasm to be expressive – yes – in that crass-disgusting-sometimes-funny-tone in which I address you, my electorate.

So, I’m apologising two-fold –

1.) For being so ridiculously quiet and keeping this all to myself, it has been severely unhealthy and it won’t happen again.

2.) For toning down “my voice” – even though I may not tweet or be as socially active as I once was, this will in no way impair my punch throwing abilities and will be picking my shots from now on…so beware electorate.

I hope you all aren’t too disappointed in my performance of late, I have simple reassessed my priorities and have placed my “interests” where they need to be now and am now focusing on developing my career, which is a priority and will remain a priority for many years to come. I am so fortunate to be given this opportunity and have decided to run with it for as long as my mind and body can handle.

It's discipline time Davi-San...

Till next time electorate, keep it tidy.


12 comments on “The reason for silence, I’ve lost my voice.

  1. viagra fuer die frau
    November 4, 2010

    This is second incident that I am scanning anything about modifying websites with the system. It seems that you are an super expert blogger. Your post is an excellent example of why I continue coming back to study your good quality content that is forever updated.

    • Dave
      November 4, 2010


      I guess?!

  2. Jacoba
    October 20, 2010

    Hallo, I just stumbled onto or into your site and frankly, I have no idea how or why. It’s pretty late & I’m pretty tired (and no, I haven’t been partying) and these things happen but when I get to my point, it will be to tell you that I love what I’ve seen so far. I’ll have to keep visiting for a while to catch up, though …. just thought I’d tell you, anyway.

    • Dave
      October 20, 2010

      Hey there, well…what else is there to say but…thank you!

      I really appreciate the compliment luv. I try to keep things pretty simple here. Simple, truthful and I mostly sift through the bullsh!t and cut to the chase.

      Hope to have you back here soon!


  3. cherylann
    October 5, 2010

    At least we got to hang out at the Tweetup!! x

    • Dave
      October 5, 2010

      Wait…not sure how to take that comment…

      I’m sorry?

  4. Lila Moreira
    October 5, 2010

    Firstly Congratulations and secondly we are the one who are lucky that you take time to write this blog. And yes when a hobby feels like work,then you have to make some changes.
    Have a Fantastic week

    • Dave
      October 5, 2010

      Wow…thanks for that Lila!

      That means so much to me, can’t believe you’ve stopped by! It’s insane how close you can feel to someone simply through the power of the internet! Sending my love to everyone that side! Thanks for the comment!

  5. Dave D
    October 5, 2010

    Congrats on the Aqua job! I’ve also been a bit out of the loop of late, so missed the announcement.

    • Dave
      October 5, 2010

      That’s quite alright Dave.

      I have you to thank as an industry entering motivator. So thank you for stopping by! Means a lot!

  6. Rubyletters
    October 5, 2010

    awe…you’re forgiven:) For one, you’re right…when hobby starts feeling like work you’re def doing it wrong. Secondly…actually, no forgiving is needed. When starting a new job everything in your life changes. It is important to focus and to settle yourself and find your groove and you had a the right in the world to take the time to do that. But your grace period is now over…ok?

    • Dave
      October 5, 2010

      Yes Ma’am!

      Thanks for the comments Letty, means the world to me babe!


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