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For the love of Ray, for the love of SA Goodness…

To those of you who are somewhat slow on the up take, let me tell you quickly about a South African artist who has embarked on an incredible journey in his career. Ray Connell, is from Joburg, digital marketer by day and The LoneRaynger by night – yes, The LoneRaynger! Ray’s love for music goes beyond the conventional as he integrates his love of beat and beat boxing into his songs. His use of technology in the shape of a ‘chaos pad’ allows him to reproduced sounds and loop his own voice and beats LIVE…as he’s performing – I know – talented right?

There are 3 reasons I’ve decided to write about this South African muso —

  1. The man is brilliant – when you listen to his tracks, you’ll understand why this musician has nothing but success ahead of him – talent needs to be supported, no matter the industry – it’s that simple.
  2. I love South Africa – Without trying to sound like a stuck record, I truly believe that this country has got more to offer than you know – yes, you…I’m talking to you – I honestly believe that by focusing on the good, one can accept the bad without allowing it to overwhelm and hurt…(sounds deep hey?! Yeah!)
  3. Currently the man is on Tour of Canada and I think has been through more trials and tribulations than the average musician goes through in a lifetime – for instance, no one showed up at his 2nd gig – his touring van caught fire and destroyed nearly every piece of equipment they had – I mean, any other day I would think that this was an episode of Day of our Lives!

Here’s one of his kickass videos of a mish-mash of his tour up until this point

(Edited by the brilliant Fausto!)

Now, after watching that you’re still not impressed, try and wrap your mind around this —

The man is not just running around Canada strumming on his guitar, through the help of the company he works for his in SA (AquaOnline) the guys is recording his Tour as a Transmedia Campaign to bring back to South Africa to use as promotional material.

The campaign has, what I like to call, a cross pollination appeal to it as it covers and integrates relevant social networks and platforms, which inevitably all inter-link to provide a continuous loop of information about the proposed artist – in this case – Ray, The LoneRaynger.

If you like what you see, hear and feel, come and check out his other rocking content throughout the interwebs:

The LoneRaynger‘s Rocking Facebook Fan Page

The LoneRaynger Tweets on Twitter

The LoneRaynger’s Official Blog

Check the vid’s on his YouTube Channel

Listen to him on SoundCloud

Check him out on Flickr

So it seems like a mission, well…for this standard of SA talent…it isn’t, trust me…the man is brilliant and I can proudly say that he happens to be a fellow co-worker…so, click on my LoneRaynger banner on the right hand side of my Blog or one of the above links and show the man some support…come SA, let’s wave the flag so high Ray can see it from up there with the Mountees!


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