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The Official Rules of The Chicken Burger Bet!

Since the beginning of time, people have been waging war and challenges upon one another in the hopes of finding greatness, reward and victory! There is no greater wager that can be made, than that of the one between friends…why you may ask? Well, usually, when a friend places a bet with a fellow colleague, there are usually an array of spectators to witness such a bet.

I’m not sure why people feel compelled to challenge one another in the company of friends, but so be it and I’ll happily admit that I’m quite fond of a little wager every once in a while. With regards to what is at stake most of the time, no one really wants to loose money to friends and this was a debate that my fellow ‘wagerists’ and I have always debated — what would be the ideal wager to be placed on any given bet (be it friendly 99,9% of the time)?


Yes, how?

Watching me eat the food I just won…

Yesss…what kind…?

And “The Chicken Burger Bet” was born…

Start yerr bets...!!!

Official Rules of The Chicken Burger Bet

This is the official site of The Chicken Burger Bet and listed below are the Official Rules. The Chicken Burger Bet is a form of betting that consists of a wager made between two or more parties where the final payment will be in denominations of Chicken Burgers. These rules govern the application and execution of the Chicken Burger Bet.

There is no monetary value associated with a Chicken Burger Bet. No monetary compensation is ever to be paid. The wager will only be payable in amount(s) of Chicken Burgers.

The parties involved must define the bet and what the results of the bet will be. Further to that the parties involved must define what there winning criteria for each party will be.

The Chicken Burger winnings may only be claimed once the outcome of the wager has been resolved and the winning person has been identified.

Chicken Burger Bets are non-transferable between persons. If I owe a person a Chicken Burger and that person owes me a Chicken Burger. We cannot cancel/nullify the payments due between us. Furthermore 1 Chicken Burger Bet cannot cancel out another Chicken Burger Bet. The bets must be paid out in full as stipulated by the bet.

There are no time constraints on when the Chicken Burger Bet is to be paid.

Prior to compensation of the Chicken Burger Bet, the losing person may request from the winning person clarification of the bet that led to the claim. If the winning person cannot recall or correctly verify the wager, the bet falls away. The bet can no longer be claimed and will be considered disposed.

When paying off the bet, the losing person is required to be present during the compensation of the bet. This includes the actual consumption of the bet.

The Chicken Burger Bet is based on goodwill and honor. Parties involved cannot be forced to payout. But their credibility will be identified and their participation in future Chicken Burger bets may be denied.

Bet parameters:

  • The wage/bet must be defined. The persons involved in the bet must define their win loose criteria.
  • The type of Chicken Burger needs to be declared. (Eg: Double Chicken Burger with bacon and cheese)
  • The vendor/supplier of the Chicken Burger must be declared.
  • The bet must declare the number of Chicken Burgers to be payed.
  • There wager may include 2 or more parties/ individuals.
  • The bet may be made at any time and in any cognitive state. However if intoxicated during the bet a third party moderator is required to verify the bet parameters and act as a bet commissioner.
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