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“Panjo” the Tiger and Tiger Woods with a Nando’s twist!

Okay…so I’ve been a little quiet and maybe these kinds of posts are meant for Tumblr or my very own Posterous page (which is on the way, I can assure you!), but lately I’ve been have momentary spells of creativity and I guess because no one, not even Nando’s themselves have had a crack at the Tiger Woods story, let alone the tiger that had gone AWOL the last couple of days in Johannesburg — YES — a tiger ek se! I know, random…who throws a shoe…honestly!

Anyway, here’s my rendition of the quirky Nando’s Adverts that they seem to conjure up so well for anything and everything.

Go Tiger Go…you beauty!

Go Tiger Go you beauty! *snort*

What? So sue me…!

Hope you enjoyed it!

Dammit, I’m hungry now!

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