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Homage to the “Tiesto Death” …(again)

Thought I’d just add a little comic relief to the blog and bring down the intensity in which I have been blogging recently.

So a couple of days ago, world renowned DJ, Tiesto, was shrouded by controversy once again as (another) vicious rumour went viral throughout the internet that he had died…(again). Yes…this is not the first time this rumour has been spread about the acclaimed turn-table-tool, but hey…I guess some people either like doing their own PR or don’t have it in their heart to tell their mother (AKA: Head of PR) that spreading rumours of death-by-car accident are not the best way of gaining publicity.

What? I’m just saying…

In lieu of all this, I decided to create my own little homage to the dick-jockey-douche – something that I will continue to do for every…”major”…event that happens in the future.

All Hail Horatio! All Hail Horatio! All Hail Horatio!

Because even as a cartoon, the man is still perfect to the second!

I Love this man. That is all.


2 comments on “Homage to the “Tiesto Death” …(again)

  1. Kay
    July 12, 2010

    I must admit, its a vile technique, non-the-less, a technique that apparently worked. And never moch Horatio, he could stand in a ring with whats-his-face…*snaps fingers* Chuck Norris!

    • Dave
      July 12, 2010

      A “vile technique”?

      Woah…now that one you’re going to have to elaborate on…

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