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An ARK for the day…

Wednesday night proceeded like any other night, work followed by a trip to a local “watering hole” and a couple of brewskies as the football (soccer for all you Westerners) rolled on. Watching the game and supporting Ghana was not the highlight of the evening by any means…what was interesting and will develop into the core of this post was the fact that, my drinking partner for the evening chirped up and said:

Partner: “Hey, guess what?”
Me: “What?”
Partner: “Found this at the pub the other night”, and hands me a flash drive.
Me: “Kiff, what’s on it?”
Partner: “No idea, was hoping you could tell me?”
Me: “Ermm…okay”, I said wrestling with the idea of being in possession of footage of the 2nd shooter from the grassy knoll.
Partner: “If it’s crap, I want it back…”
Me: “Cool beans”, I replied and shoved the mysterious flash drive in my pocket.

So, later that evening I got around to checking it out. I plugged it in the Mac and opened it up, what I found was not what I expected and was somewhat let down by the lack of porn and incriminating photo’s – I’m kidding – I really and truly didn’t snoop around as much as I normally do. What I did find was that this flash seemed to contain highly professional and personal information and then it clicked (excuse the pun)…I had to return it.

Photobooth image of flash drive dated on my diary – so professional…*snort*

I felt compelled, driven and passionate to find the owner of the flash drive. I’m not sure what came over me and to be honest, I’m sure that there is some rule that goes as follows: “Finders keepers, losers weepers”…or something like that – or – “you keep what you kill”…either way, I could have very easily formatted the drive and comfortably had an extra 4G’s of portable goodness – BUT I didn’t.

Call me intrusive and stalker-ish here but I needed to at least go through some of the documents to try and find some contact details of whomever owns the flash drive. I eventually stumbled upon a file labeled, “Cover Letters and CV” – BINGO – or – BAZINGA – which ever floats your boat, page after page I scanned and cover letter after cover letter I read until success. It seemed as though I had stumbled upon a cellphone number – not sure which network – but I immediately dialed it – the conversation went as follows:

FD Chickie: “Hello ____ speaking…”
Me: “Hi there ____, you don’t know me, but I have your flash drive.”



She must have been freaked out…

Me: “Yaaah…I know, random, but here’s the story, a friend of mine picked up your flash drive” – giving her a visual description of the drive – “and handed it to me to check out.”
FD Chickie: “Oh…f*ck, are you serious?”
Me: “Umm…no…this is Darren ‘Wackhead’ Simpson” – is what I wanted to say – “Yes, I’m serious, I apologise for going through your material but I needed to get some kind of personal details because the info no here seemed to valuable to let go.”
FD Chickie: “Sorry, what’s your name again?”
Me: “Oh yes, my name is David…sorry…forgot to introduce myself, that must have been a little creepy!”
FD Chickie: “No, not at all, I don’t know what to say…”
Me: “A thank you would suffice” – lol – No, didn’t say that – “It’s totally cool dude, let’s meet up so I can return it to you!”
Warm and fuzzies anyone?

And so we did…randomly walking into the middle of Sandton Square and calling a woman I had never met and handing her back what I thought was more important than “scoring a free flash drive”.

She hugged me, handed me a mini-box of Lindt chocolates to say thank you – I know, sweet right? – we exchanged a couple of awkward “okay’s” and “really’s” and then said our good-byes. This might seem like the most random thing you’ll ever read from me but the truth of the matter is, this series of events, actions and decisions means more to me than I think I can ever explain.

I am completely and utterly selfless at heart – you wouldn’t believe it meeting me because of the douchey and crass exterior I portray – but the truth is I am. I love, love bringing joy and happiness to others before my own and I’m not saying that this was a selfless act, but the fact that I could help someone and give a stranger that much joy meant the world to me.

My Act of Random Kindness.


7 comments on “An ARK for the day…

  1. Travis
    July 14, 2010

    You’re a good dude, dude, and a model for us all. Well done.

    • Dave
      July 15, 2010

      Howsit Travis, thanks for that man! Appreciate the comment!

      Please come back soon.

  2. aquaticcharne
    July 12, 2010

    seemingly you are kinder than people give you credit for… indeed so…

  3. Rubyletters
    July 7, 2010

    oh wow…I’m truly impressed by this:) seems like there are still some good people out there…I’m sure you totally made her day:) well done!

    • davidanthony0904
      July 8, 2010

      Thanks Letty, appreciate the comment luv!

      I can only hope that I restored some of her faith in humanity…otherwise what the hell are we doing here right? Whether or not I made her day, I know that one things is true…I TOTALLY freaked her out first! Imagine some stranger phoning you up and saying…”You don’t know me…but I have your son…!” – Hahaha…it belongs in a movie – in this case it was her Flashdrive so maybe the emotional attachment wasn’t that great, but it was significant nevertheless…it felt good on my side, that’s all that counts I guess!

  4. Adam Mitchell
    July 6, 2010

    Enjoyed this story to the max! Like minded with your views of being able to help brings more joy. Lucky you got chocolate! I once found a handbag with an ID book in it and some cards. I phoned the number on the insurance card, told them I was trying to find this woman and why. After some investigation got hold of her daughter. I dropped off the bag at her offices and turns out she was robbed more than 2km away the night before. I saved her having to apply for a new ID book and got nothing in return. The fact that I could help was enough for me. Karma plus bud 🙂

    • davidanthony0904
      July 6, 2010

      Jeez bud, sounds like you needed a freaking medal for that one, but you’re so right…Karma Plus…

      I know this might be a weird thing to bring up as a comment to this post, but to be honest, if I had the choice, I’d totally give it all up to to good around the world, if I was given the opportunity to be looked after by an NGO or a like and then proceed to dedicate my life to helping others, just because I was able to – and I think that’s my biggest point I’m trying to make here – it’s not that I do these deeds because I don’t need anything in return, it’s the fact that I can – I JUST CAN – I just can go out of my way to help someone, I just can, I’m able, willing and have the desire to help those in need…just because I can.

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