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A thing called “love”…

Judging for the overwhelming response I received from the Scared to be alone piece I did recently, I thought it only apt if I follow up with another subjective piece to give you – someone – anyone – a slightly better insight into my perceptions on a thing called love.

What the f*ck is love?

It’s all there…just read it…

Some will argue that love is a series of chemical misfirings that happen in your brain when you either meet or spend time with a significant other you are either attracted to, relate to or both. Cold enough for you…? Well, I happen to like this somewhat mechanical explanation of the term, love. I feel as though because it cannot be explained through words and actions, science seems like the most viable method of dissecting the “indiscretion”. You don’t believe me, think about this…”Romeo and Juliet’, Shakespeare’s play that end in tragedy is the perfect example of why love is an illusion through smoke and mirrors. Firstly, Shakespeare has been trying to put his ancient little-writers finger on what and why love is this “unstoppable force”…and to divulge further, if he wasn’t able to truly express what love is how in the world could you or I answer it. Secondly, most of Shakespeare’s plays that involve “love” and the concept thereof have ended up being miserable tragedies that quite frankly is unnecessary negative energy that I don’t particularly need right now.

Scary as f*ck…

Others will argue on a deeper, more emotional level claiming that love is that thing that gives birth to the entire Family-of-My-Little-Ponies-who-shoot-stardust-and-glitter-from-their-arses. Relax, I’m kidding and I know that there are a lot of you who truly believe that love exists on a deeper level for “a reason”…wherever that “love” is spawned from religious roots or simply from believing that NO ONE…in the world…EVAR…has felt like this before! And you’ll believe it to the very end or will you?Because when you think about it, I mean really and truly think about it…would you die for the person you love (quite possibly yes…)…would you take your own life because that person has left this world (errmm…hold on a second here…)…would you take up the challis oh sweet Romeo (or Juliet) and end this day of days and reclaim your seat next to the one you love…?

Thought not.

So please for the love of all things My-Little-Pony orientated…leave the love struck vomit at the door when greeting or interacting with me. Okay, so maybe that sounds a little harsh but I can assure you I’ll be grinding my teeth as you express your undying love for a girl who cheated on you with her best mate (who just happens to be studying medicine and looks like he just rolled off the cover of Men’s Health, GQ or any one of those image crushing magazines), it is what it is my friend and if that sounds a tad bit vague for you, try this on for size…technically you did this to yourself because you either treated him/her badly enough that they have gone looking for “love” or whatever somewhere else. It really and truly is not in a normal humans natural nature to emotionally hurt someone – and you can comment saying, “WHAT? Of course they can…I have hurt and emotionally toiled with my significant others in every relationship I have ever been in.” – Okay, point taken…but I did state that someone would not intentionally hurt their “loved one” in a “natural state” – there, it’s written above…go see.

What I’m trying to express to you here is that sometimes, we as human beings do crazy things, usually when we have a “significant other” on the brain. So, what is it that makes us so flippen crazy…I’m not sure exactly although having been on one or two of those situations before, I can say that “love” does urge people to make some strange decisions in their lives, rational or irrational – but usually irrational – no one can explain the strange things they do when in a relationship…whether it’s to fetch their “loved one” a McFlurry at 4 in the morning or wait obsessively outside their house until the sun came up to make sure they didn’t go out or have anyone over on a night they chose to spend away from you – what??? These are just some of the things I’ve heard people do…seriously…stop looking at me like that!

To conclude on this convoluted analysis of “love”; the things it does to people and whether or not it can actually be regarded as a tangible element…there is one thing that I know for certain and that is that I have NO IDEA

I don’t know what it is and what it feels like because I’m not sure about what I have felt in my past. Looking back on it all now, because of how fickle the “significant others” seemed to treat me, I’m not sure they truly felt this “love” thing for me…and because of my uncertainty of that, I now know that I’m not entirely sure what (“love”) I felt for them. Kind of makes me feel like there is still a chance for me to feel this love thing or carry on missing it all together…who knows…

Scary ain’t it.

(This was posted to ZAGlamour on 01/05/2010.)

3 comments on “A thing called “love”…

  1. Eloquent Delinquent
    November 22, 2012

    My Mom told me years ago of the time she asked my Dad if he loved her.

    My Dad answered her by saying ‘If what I feel for you is love, then yes, I love you’

    This was after a number of years being married and to date they have been married for almost 44 years.

    The word love is a label. I personally believe how you interpret/feel/react to the word love is unique to you…

    • Dave
      December 4, 2012


      Personally I cannot make any statements on my parent marriage, because I for one – if I was to have ever been married to him – or if I was to ever be a woman – I would have murdered him ages ago. Your parents seem happy, try not understand them and leave it at that.

  2. kay
    May 3, 2010

    L, is for the way u look at me.
    O, is for the only one I see.
    V, is very very extraordinary.
    E, is even more than anyone that u adore.

    Love is a funny thing. An emotion that possesses your heart, mind, soul…undefining, unexplainable and most certainly and most importantly, love, makes you feel good!
    Lust and obsession,however ( in my opinion,)is a confusion of this. I’m not Aphrodite, but If you’re staking out cop-style outside…u need to lay off the caffein and get ur ass home. That’s not love, that’s obsession. There’s a fine line between all these emotions and love is a risk…I’m also not a hopeless romantic but I think its this unwritten feeling that makes falling inlove awesome and worth anticipating.

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