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EarthDay…when? Where? Really?

So, as some of you might be aware of, yesterday was World EarthDay and it seemed like every blogger had something to say about it…what they had to say didn’t really concern me because I have my own set of emotions about the Earth and the world around me. I am the owner of an Environmentally friendly advertising agency – focusing on guerrilla marketing – and I believe that I do my own share for the Earth on a daily basis and have been doing so for the last 3-4 years…!

I recycle.

I avoid driving myself around – occasionally walk myself to the shops or convinience store.

My company allows me to go an extra mile…

Some of the incredible things we have done at the company – Guerrillas Gone Green – is the staging of “guerrilla cleanups” – yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. We categorize them as “flashmobs” as they are organized through the power of social media. With the luxury of networks such as Facebook and Twitter, organizing “get-togethers” like this have become easier and easier! As a group we literally pick a location – known for it’s derelict state – slap on some overalls, hick up the sleeves and pick up as much trash and rubbish as we can. With the use of a local building company, we are able to bag and transport the disgusting waste to a nearby (which is never “nearby”) dump-site >>> Okay, you may now slay me for the way we handle the waste by saying that we don’t recycle the waste we clean up <<< Well, let me just inform you of the state of some of the rubbish we have collected over the last couple of “pickups”…it would be enough to make even the strongest of morticians stomachs turn…

— *just thinking about it now has made me qweezy* —

After a couple of individual efforts from us as a company we started noticing the amount of attention we created from doing this “act of goodness” was immense, we literally had people coming from some surrounding houses join us for an hour or two, giving us a helping hand with what they could and journalists snapping away as we drudged through the muck! The attention we gained prompted us to attempt to monetize the “Flashmobs”, creating “Rate Cards” for advertising spaces on the doctor-like overalls we where to every clean up. Selling advertising spots on the overalls seemed like a viable direction to take the “Flashmobs” and we are still pursuing the direction.

By the way, this is a 4 ton tipper truck…….and it’s full.

Enough about me, let’s talk about you…

What did you do?

What do you do if you’re…”doing it” everyday? (Remove mind from gutter please.)

I ask simply because I know of people, actual human beings, living people…living, eating, breathing people that don’t believe we are going through Global Warming and that we, as polluting, disgusting human beings are the main contributor to the rise in the global Earth temperatures. There are still people that believe that the atmospheric pollution we make as a species – from factories and the burning of fossil fuels – is not the main contributor the global warming and the state that our very own environment is in at present…let me tell you something friend…the next time we have a “Guerrillas Gone Green Cleanup”, why don’t you come to Jukskei River with us and pick up some yummy things and then fill your bottle of water from the River and proceed to drink it – I’ll come visit you in hospital a day later and then we can discuss how out pollution on this Earth is not affecting the world and environment around us!

I am wearing green today because I play my part.

What are you doing?


3 comments on “EarthDay…when? Where? Really?

  1. Zane Dickens
    April 23, 2010

    All our past websites and all our future websites are Carbon Negative (trademark pending) – being Carbon Neutral is simply about doing no harm – that’s not good enough.

    You have to do as the good people from Guerrillas Gone Green, and actually make a positive difference.

    So we minimize our carbon costs, and donate to groups that services needy local communities (think global, act local) with upliftment programmes that deliver green solutions for power, cooking, and farming.

    Because doing a little bit adds up over time, we’ve decided to donate 10x our carbon impact – because we’re impatient.

    This is the first phase of our “Cleaner, Better, Happier” Campaign and we are more than happy to accept any challenges that Guerrillas Gone Green are willing to throw at us.

    Phase 2 – We are currently looking into wind power generation, and possibly solar should the South African invented thin-film technologies become available.

    Because making a difference, like loving truly, is about so much more than just one day.

    (Please read the above in the spirit of the BMW, Audi and Subaru – Best Car of the Year ads)

    David, challenge accepted!

    • davidanthony0904
      April 23, 2010

      Zane, I could not have expected a more visceral or true to character comment than that from you. There is nothing I hate more than “greenwashing” and it’s more rife here in SA than what people think. As you say, being carbon neutral is no longer good enough. With our “Guerrilla Cleanups”, we hoped to be able to offset our own carbon footprint as a company but the more we gather the masses together to take time out of their weekend and play their part in the conservation of our environment the quicker we started to noticed how much people (the participants in the cleanups) really and truly cared about the environment.

      There is a saying, one person cannot change the world, but maybe, just maybe 2 people could – good will is contagious – it makes perfect sense to make an effort to maintain and conserve the world around us…no one can argue that point.

      That does not come from come from being prompted to feel a certain way, it comes from the person themselves. If one chooses to educate themselves in the state of the environment, one would have absolutely no choice in feeling completely and utterly disgusted with how much we take our world and Earth for granted!

      For me, power comes from educating ones self and being able to create your own emotional attachments to the aspects of life you truly feel for is one of the most liberating gestures a human being can ever make.

      I love my planet…and I don’t use that word lightly.

      (Thank you for such a supportive comment Zane!)

  2. Adam Mitchell
    April 23, 2010

    Awesome work/post bud! I respect everything you and Guerrillas Gone Green do to make this world a better place for us and the generations we will leave it to! @AdsMitchell

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