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A Blurp and a dissection of a Facebook Spammer…

Recently I have been suffering from a bad case of “writers block”…yes…I do now believe the hype and yes, there is such a thing…not saying that it has left me without a conscious thought, but what it has done is sapped some of the motivation I have for formulating opinions about the world around me.  I am a very opinionated person, choosing when and where to incite my own views on certain topics…most of the time, my opinions cause added debate and augment to a situation and escalate whatever argument was happening before I opened my big trap.

Regardless of that…I feel like the last two weeks have been nothing but chaotic, especially in my immediate world…for instance, South Africa has had it’s head turned upside down with added controversy in the Jub-Jub Malema case (AKA: “I like to take drugs and drink, then run over school kids“), the on-going hogwash that runnith forth from Julius Malema’s (no relation to “The Kiddie-Killer”) mouth and now the death brutal murder of the AWB (Eugene Terre Blanch) which will no doubt induced an up-roar from the backwards thinking boers (Afrikaans word for “farmers”) here in South Africa.  In essence, what I am trying to insinuate is that with all this “anarchy” present, I find that there are too many opinions just floating around and no one is really putting at stop to, resoving or being constructive.  I think that it’s great that people have an opinion on things (politics, racial matters and economic) in South Africa, but when those opinions have been formulated just for the sake of having your say, your 2 cents so-to-speak, then that is my cue to with draw from the debating forum…

I find speaking/talking/giving an opinion just for the hell of it highly deconstructive.

On top of all of this hoohaa…here I sit, with f_cking “writers block” – so here’s a little something with landed up in my mailbox the other day which I have been meaning to post for quite some time:

Facebook Spamming is alive and well and here is my little blurp just to prove it:

Firstly, apologies for the photo shopped penning all over email…it’s just my way of expressing my frustration towards the twats who send this kind of stuff.

Personal Highlights:

  1. Error 1 – If you’re going to email a “customer”, try your best to spell our company name and brand with a capital letter.  I mean, if I saw an email from one of my work colleagues spelling our company’s name with a lower casing…I’d probably walk up to them and give them a proverbial “poeskalp” (slap)
  2. Error 2 – “Your Facebook” – Really?  I mean…really?  C’mon, if you’re going to sign off an email from one of the biggest corporations in the world…at least be a little more creative with your sign-offs…try – Love, The Biggest Douche in the World…I swear, it’s a deal breaker…!
  3. Error 2 – If you clearly read Facebook’s T’s&C’s you’ll know that Facebook has never and will never send you a downloadable file…if they were smart about it, they would make a “pseudo” Facebook link to a BS homepage where “your new password” would be just waiting for you to download…*I’m just saying*

Other pointers to think about when identifying a spammer mail from Phasebook…feast your eyes on the “Reply-To” email address…now, if there was any sense in any of these moronic spammers, they’d be able to at least set up a legitimate “Reply-To” email.  I have literally been dying to reply back to this guy/girl/moron or use their address and sign them up for Beastiality Porn Websites and Newsletters…*just saying*.

Oh…and the origin of the email – “identification@facebook.com” – to be honest, I thought that was pretty good…so, to the idiotic spammers of this world trying to use social media as an infiltration avenue…well done…”you….you’re good you…NO…you…you’re good…” – NOT…I hope you all burn in a freak Fiat instantaneous combustion accident on the way to go bowling or something along those lines of hilarity!

AND my last point…if you’re going to send out “pseudo” corporate emails, please, for the love of all that is scared and social media driven, please…learn to speak English properly…!  I couldn’t help myself, I just had to correct their English…was kind of cute though!

So, there it is…my unofficial, writers block orientated post for the weekend.

It’s light hearted, non-political, non-opinionated (best of all) and hopefully spurs you on to plot your revenge on the next spammer that dares to off load their crap into your mailbox…

The Spammernator.


2 comments on “A Blurp and a dissection of a Facebook Spammer…

  1. Alexia Beswick
    April 5, 2010

    While you are on the topic of grammatical errors, you might want to change this one in your first line:

    “…I have been suffering of “writers block”…”

    Is should read, “…I have been suffering from “writers block”…”

    • davidanthony0904
      April 5, 2010

      Ahh yes…thank you, in my defense, it was an omission of the words placed before (in bold) your “identification” – grammatical error never the less Capn’Beswick…apologies Mi’Lady.

      David immediately returns to his hands hands and knees and continues to scrub vigorously at the deck floor as out of the corner of his eye, he watches the blood thirsty Capn’ return to her rightful position at the helm of the Mighty “Purple Petunia”…The greatest pirate vessel to ever sail the seven seas…Yarrrr…!

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