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Things you probably didn’t know about me…

So, I’m not sure what has motivated this post, maybe it’s because most of you (my electorate) don’t actually know me, who I am and where I’ve been and why I smell as good as I do (Yes, I smell great!):

  1. I have a brother. I’m his biggest fan. Studying at UCT, I have no doubt in my mind that he’ll be the most well respected and renowned student to graduate through their Drama Faculty.
  2. I used to live in the South of Johannesburg. Yes, I’m a Southie, doesn’t mean that I’m a “breeker” or that “I know okes”, even though I secretly am and I do…it’s not what I’m about and you won’t see me attending any EFC fight nights anytime soon.  Unless it’s for journalism orientated reasons. “Heet hiiimmm…!!!”
  3. I secretly love Classical music and even though I can strum on a guitar with basic bars, I am completely and utterly music illiterate.  I would kill for some time to learn to play the piano or develop my skills further on the guitar. Oh and another thing, I secretly wish I could play the Jazz Trumpet.  I know, strange.
  4. I excelled in school at all levels, turned down a 75% scholarship to Wits Fine Arts. Apparently in my parent’s eyes it was not a viable degree and career path.  I was given the opportunity to apply to a private design college (after their applications time line closed) and was accepted on academic merit.  I joined the college to originally study Graphics and Multimedia and somehow landed up qualifying with 4th Year Honours in Interior Design. (Don’t ask!) Can’t say I regret it, because I love design.  It truly influences my life everyday.
  5. I am not a morning person.  Morning people should be shot, hung, drawn and quartered.  Then spat on, burnt, have their ashes placed in an enema chute and distributed to Cing-Cing’s most dangerous criminals, then shat out, recollected and then mixed with the tar that’ll be used to pave the road to I-Will-Kill-You-If -You-Talk-To-Me-Before-8AM-Ville™.  Got it?
  6. I love kids but don’t think I’ll ever have any.  It’s just a strange feeling I have.  To date I got fucked over feel like I had found someone I wanted to spend the rest of my life with but in one-year-long-foul-swoop brushed me a side like a piece of sh*t. (Can you sense the resentment…? *I kid the heartbreaker* Hope you happier.)
  7. I have a hard-core-soft-spot for rap music.  I don’t know what it is, maybe appealing to the Southside cronie in me…who knows…I just…like…feeling…’gangsta’ sometimes.
  8. I used to be pretty good looking when I was younger.  Yes, I can admit it.  There is an old adage that men supposedly get better looking with age…well, that is complete and utter bullshyte…I have gotten increasingly worse looking…! I must sound like a complete queen here, but it’s true, so ladies…I welcome the attention now, because it ain’t going to last for very long.  “Get me while I’m ‘hot’…as in now…now…….anytime now?”
  9. I used to be obsessed with “Victoria Catherine Adams”…for those of you have been living under a frikking rock all these years, maybe the surname…”Beckham” will ring a bell?  Yes, she is now Victoria Beckham.  I’m not sure what the obsession was exactly, but it was strong…and unstoppable force that controlled my heart, my loins and I’m not sure what else.  It was bad, but I’ve moved on.  (Just a thought: Don’t you think it’s a little coincidental that she married a…”David”…what? I’m just saying…)
  10. I have little to no hair on my chest.  Don’t ask me why, I don’t know…not sure whether it’s genetic thing because my old man isn’t hairy either.  I mean, my legs look like a tributary from the Amazon and the arms come in a close second in the appendage department…but my chest…next to nothing…!!!  I don’t wax, I don’t pluck…it just is…(*shugs*)

So, possibly one or all of these was a TMI for some of you, but at least it’s given you a better insight into who and what I’m about…looking forward to some ridiculous and soul-crushing feedback.



12 comments on “Things you probably didn’t know about me…

  1. SwissTwist
    March 26, 2010

    In my opinion a smooth, defined chest is way sexier than a hairy one.

    Just found your blog, I’m going to enjoy browsing through it 🙂

  2. Her Highness
    March 19, 2010

    Haha – only yoooooking…. I enjoyed reading this actually.

    • David Alves
      March 19, 2010

      There are a lot of things you don’t know about me Ms.Rickard.

  3. Her Highness
    March 19, 2010

    I had no idea you were from the South, or liked classical music, or …. were ‘smart’.

  4. Her Highness
    March 17, 2010

    Awesome – you learn something new everyday…. haha

    • David Alves
      March 18, 2010

      And what did you learn from this post Yer’Highness…?

  5. David Alves
    March 17, 2010

    You guys rock…thanks for the replies man!

    Kay: You’re too sweet…”Stalkers”…really…….where?

    Robz: Thank you for that hunny!

    Matty: You steal…I kill.

    Nicole: Thanks for the kudos hun…you are lovely!

    Lakia: Just get in touch with me through Gmail (davidadesigns@gmail.com) – Thanks.

  6. Lakia
    March 16, 2010

    I secretly love classical music too lol… I saw that you are an artist. Do you do logos? I was looking for someone to possibly do mine…

  7. Nicole
    March 16, 2010

    Wahaha loving this article!! For shame on the evil woman who hurt you!! And I also adore kids, but only between the ages of 1 and 4, so not sure if ill be having any soon either.

    And i am also obsessed with Victoria. She just has “something”. Admiteddly though, as she ages her frumpy clothing style is heartbreaking to watch.

  8. Matt Visser
    March 16, 2010

    Dave, you’re carefree & revealing blog post is great. I would have hesitated at the interior design revelation, but hey, that’s just me 😉 – & Adam apparently..oh the lolz

    I think a nice and colourful background with lots of chopping and changing develops the most interesting people. The guy that got full marks in a school & knew exactly where he would be at 50 by religiously following his pre-determined path that he figured out after water polo practice is doomed to mediocrity (IMO).

    You sir, are most definitely not. Might even steal this idea and over share a little bit myself.

  9. Robyn
    March 16, 2010

    I still think you’re Schexy Daavid!! I completely agree about the whole morning thing and your wording was spot on!! Keep rocking it Dave!!

  10. Shakirah
    March 16, 2010

    HAHAHAHA…Victoria whats-her-face?! Funneh.
    Jazz rocks.Snoop dogg is the man and “morning people” balance all the grumpy people out…imagine everyone being grumpy…
    (No wonder.iraq.war.aaaaah get it now)
    Dude…ur going to get a load of stalkers…just saying.
    …Hairless chest is in.

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