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Crossing the line…

This has got to be one of the most random subject posts I have ever written.

By the end of this post, I will reek of distaste and resentment – I know, me resentful, pleeease!?! *cough*

So, this is my issue.

I am wanting to enter into an industry that I have been experiencing on my own for the last year or so.  I feel as though I have gained more knowledge than any curriculum or lecturer can teach me on any short course I could possibly attend.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m far from unteachable, on everything for that matter…what I am saying and what I want to discuss is…

……………when does experience matter over a qualification………………..?

Or does it?

Is it possible?

Is it frowned upon?


As it stands, I am qualified with a tertiary education but of an unrelated field.  I feel as though this industry I’d like to pursue is my true calling and with the experience of running my own company which unfortunately is not supporting my life as much as it should, I feel as though I am well equipped to handle the pressures and requirements the industry will demand of me.  It seems as though the douchebags “know-it-alls” in the industry have a distaste for those not qualified or versed in the ways of the “Jedi”.

To get specific:

I have not time to go back and study full-time.

I have not time to myself, let alone time to study part-time.

I have a design degree, yet feel so attached to digital marketing and media.

Is this a pipe-dream or are there opportunities for striving, well experienced hopeful digital marketeers out there?

If this post has somewhat of a desperate undertone to it, you misread me…I am happy with my life, happy with my current direction as a professional and I love what I have created thus far but if there was the opportunity to follow my passion as a writer/copywriter/digital marketer were to arise, I would pounce and pounce hard.

So, I ask again…is there still such a notion as Q.B.E.?

And where is that line drawn…?

Because I am willing to cross it.


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