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"So you think your BOYFRIEND is weird???" – I was nominated!!!

So here’s the story,

Sheena Gates (AKA: SheBeeGee) posted a blog on the similarities between her strange boyfriend and a character/Vampire from the trending TV program at the moment know as “Vampire Diaries” —> Now, since being tied and tortured to watch the first installment of the Twilight series, I refuse to subject myself to anymore sparkly douchebags…even though Vuzu claim that “their vampires DON’T sparkle”…Hmmm…I’ll believe it when I see it………douchebags!

The plot is as follows: *yawn* —> Kidding!

It’s Elena’s first day back at Mystic Falls High School since the tragic death of her parents. Along with her Aunt Jenna, Elena tries her best to look after her troubled younger brother, Jeremy, and salvage what family they have left. The first day is already shaping up to be a struggle for Elena until she meets the mysterious new kid at school, Stefan. Elena is touched that he can relate to what she’s going through. What Elena doesn’t know is that Stefan is a vampire, constantly resisting the urge to taste her blood. As their undeniable connection grows deeper, Stefan’s dangerous older brother, Damon, shows up to wreak havoc on the town of Mystic Falls and claim Elena for himself.

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES is based on the bestselling book series from Alloy Entertainment, which has recently been re-released and is enjoying time on The New York Times Best Sellers list. Vampire Diaries is also the most watched series premier in US network history.

To cut a long story short, Sheena asked for replies to “so you think your BOYFRIEND is weird”, asking her readers to send in their weird and strange occurrences that their boyfriends have subjected them too…now, I figured this post was mainly for the female readers and was reluctant to post a reply in case people got the wrong impression of me *coughI’mnotgaycough*…so I decided to post some of the quirky/strange/weird/possibly psychotic thing I have done in relationships for “shits and giggles” you see!

To my surprise, not more than two weeks later, I was informed by Sheena herself that my reply to her post was selected as one of the funniest in her reply feed…*Wo0t* —> I know right? Right? Right!

So, now I stand the chance to win a Blackberry Bold 9000 Smartphone…(Shibby!!!)…I never win anything so I’m not expecting the sky to fall down anytime soon, but I would appreciate your votes…who ever is out there…

Trawl along to: Use your Voice and Vote Post on Vuzu.tv website (embedded link for the AVATARDS) and vote for me! Just a simple click could ensure my journey into the world of smartphone connectivity…!

What’s in it for you?  Well, you can mail me your mobile number and I can guarantee you a phone call from my new phone!  Just imagine that feeling of satisfaction when you realise that you made “that connection” possible…just by VOTING…!!

Okay, stop reading and go vote!!! Dammit!!!



9 comments on “"So you think your BOYFRIEND is weird???" – I was nominated!!!

  1. shore tours in st.petersburg
    December 9, 2010

    Thanks for this wonderful post.Admiring the time and effort you put into your blog and detailed information you offer.

  2. David Alves
    February 24, 2010

    Congrats babe (Arkwife)! The boyfriend really does sound like a weirdo…! Big on you for putting up with him, make me wonder why I’M still single! LOL! Enjoy the phone, may you enjoy many hours of Blackberryness’ness!!!

    All’s well that ends well, thank you to Vuzu for the nomination, it was a pleasure taking part in the competition! Rocking! And thank you to all who voted for me and thank you to Sheena for the support…you rock hard dudette!!!

    If anyone is interesting in seeing the “New Face of Dave”—> This is my new blog (general switch to WordPress!)


  3. davidanthonyalves
    February 23, 2010

    So the Voting Poll has been closed…holding thumbs!!!

    Thank you to everyone who voted…you guys rock my world!!!

    C’mon BLACKBERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. David Alves
    February 22, 2010

    Hi there Adam,Thanks so much for the vote and for the follow man, really and truly appreciate it! Yes, I am a weirdo, but have accepted my fate ages ago…now I'm just embracing it and riding the cusp into oblivion until I fall short! LOL!I will definitely give your blog a follow as soon as it come sup man…just keep in comm's about details!RegardsDave

  5. Ads Mitchell
    February 22, 2010

    David, your list of wack honesty was funny, you got my vote and mention! Feel like I'm farting against thunda tho, swimming upstream. Figured the least one could do is follow back bud, what say you?

  6. David Alves
    February 22, 2010

    Excuuuuuse me Sheena…how am I a chop?You are the chopper my little lamb!Hahaha…

  7. SheBee
    February 22, 2010

    hahahaha. you're such a chop.

  8. David Alves
    February 18, 2010

    Hey Monique, thank you for your comments and your vote! You rock! It was so much fun to be honest about something like that…the silence has kept me closed and insecure all these years…! LOL —> I'm kidding, even if I don't win, was a fun and exciting experiment and was great exposure even though it was only short lived!

  9. Monique Boucher
    February 17, 2010

    Lol, I read your comment the other day & had a good laugh. Who alphabetises their spice rack?!Classic! I voted for you, hope you win it!

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