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My ABC’s of URL: So much fun!

Hello there electorate,

So I stumbled across this concept on Nic Haralambous’ blog (http://nicharalambous.com/) and thought I’d give it a try and see what comes from it.  So the object of this exercise is to clear your address bar in your browser and type in your ABC’s, keeping in mind that you only enter one letter at a time and then post the corresponding address under the specific letter of the alphabet! (EG: a = www[dot]apple[dot]com —> Got it…? Good!) So let’s go:

a – absa.co.za (Online banking for ZAGlamour)
b – blacknotes.co.za (Incredible life stream and South African blogger)
c – castlelarger.co.za (Funny, was very interested in the “Hero’s for December” campaign)
d – davidanthonyalves.blogspot.com (“It was not meeee…it was the one-armed man!!!”)
e – ecopreneur.co.za (South African blog by Charlie Bryant on entrepreneurialism in green industries)
f – facebook.com (Thanks Captain obvious!)
g – gmail.com (Noooo….I don’t believe it!)
h – honda.co.za (Mostly because of the recent shitstorm I’ve had with them lately…crisis.)
i – iol.co.za (Was expecting http://www.inhabitat.com —> Ok then…!)
j – janegoodall.org (Incredible institue that I’m hoping to get involved with – brand management…!)
k – klout.com (Ummm…I swear I don’t check it that often…what?)
l – linkedin.com (Obviously because of recent activity…)
m – muti.co.za (I like that…was expecting http://www.mashable.com —> interesting!)
n – news24.com (Again, was expecting nicharalambous.com but ok…!?)
o – oprah.com (Don’t judge me…she has an awesome eco-orientated section to her website…shut up!!!)
p – twitpic.com (Don’t ask, I like it ok…!)
q – **Don’t have one – lame!!!**
r – recyclart.org (Industrial design site focused on recyclable materials —> F*cking awesome!)
s – standardbank.co.za (Personal banking…duhhh!)
t – twitter.com (No shit!)
u – davidanthonyalves.blogspot.com (It was the “U” in |Swimming Upstream| —> Name of my blog.)
v – vixxen.co.za (South African e-magazine for alternative women…what? It’s a good resource…!)
w – wikipedia.org (Huge boners all round!)
x – http://wwwbesportier.com/archives/patron-xo-café.jpg (That is hilarious!!! Waaahahaha!!!)
y – youtube.com (More boners!)
z – zaglamour.com (My company’s website —> South African goodness!)

So, interesting to see, some lame, some not so lame…but all in all, I think that I could have spouted these off the top of my head if I really tried (except for the letter “x” —> that is just horribly random!)  You should give it a try…comforting to know I’m not too weird, apart from the Oprah link…

…I said SHUT UP!!!


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