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Twitter Down —> my life is over!!!

So, anyone who’s anyone with some kind of social media experience and knowledge knows that Twitter went down last night (Time Zone: South Africa: 01:15) and was off line for approximately 20-30mins and…(don’t judge me…) it was as though my world had ended…not really, but at the time…my quarter past one in the morning temper went through the roof…I even had a go at the screen…pacing up and down my study questioning what could have lead to this ridiculously timed crash of a seemingly simple social media platform.

I calmed down and wondered to myself how many times Twitter had rolled down the curtain for an interlude since it’s inception.  Now whether the down time was for maintenance, debugging or Tim-The-Twitter-ToolMan-Taylor accidentally shut down the wrong server is unknown…what ever it was…it annoyed me to no end.

This morning I awoke to find I was again irritated, but directly at myself for how stupidly I acted in private about something so meaningless and pathetic.  I even had a little chuckle about it…and I never laugh in the morning…EVAR!!! Had I become so dependent on Twitter to hear my “real time” thoughts? And the fact that I couldn’t Tweet or let “the tworld” know what I was thinking at that specific moment in time made me boil over —> don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I reached the point of taking a sledge hammer to my laptop, but it irritated me to the extent that I felt cheated, hard done-by and helpless —> pathetic isn’t it…?…I thought so too…

Well, this is an apology to you my precious MacBook Pro…please forgive me for the banter, swearing and physical threats I made to you in the wee hours of this morning…my aggression was unfounded and misplaced…

(Don’t think I’m going to get an apology from “Shooogah” anytime soon…boooooo!)


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This entry was posted on December 7, 2009 by in Blogging, Complaints, David Alves, Social Media, Twitter.
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