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Being quiet, maybe too quiet…

So my dear readers, or non-existent readers…

I have been somewhat quiet over the last couple of months, but this in no way implies that I have stopped writing, because I have and have been very diligent about what subjects I have approached. In the last couple of months I have been writing article for my digital magazine and it seems to be getting great reviews.

The articles have ranged from everything eco-orientated to social media and back again, so yes, I am trying my hand at some social commentary when it comes to industries such as fashion, which unfortunately I have no education about expect for my own sense of style which is probably still firmly planted in the late 90’s – so sue me!

I was given some brilliant advise by one of my very good friends and social media “go-to-guy” Nic Haralambous who, I can assure you, has a much better resolve and education on the “blogosphere” in South Africa as well as social media trends…he advised me to not update my blog as often as I have been writing but to save my blogs, pre-schedule them as posts and have them bomb off, so-to-speak, randomly throughout the next couple of months. Unfortunately, i have not post anything in between my last post and this cry for a pardon (regardless of the amount, or lack of followers on my blog), owning a blog is a responsibility and I have not kept my side of the deal…and I apologise, through my teeth I must highlight.

Another reason “Nic The Guru” told me to hold back on the posting is that he explained to me that the quicker I switch to my own domain and a WordPress theme, the more “legitimate” and “blogosphere accepted” my blog will be – what ever the hell that means, in essence, I get it and there is definite merit to it all. Hopefully I will be able to transfer most of the simple little touches I have added to this blog at the moment, such as my “Twitter Feed” and “Twit Pic’s” which I thought I was being extremely clever in managing to do – (pats himself on the back!)

To end, I will do my best to keep writing updates posts to relieve the cobwebs that seem to be making themselves at home on my blog.

“Bang———–and the dirt is gone!”


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This entry was posted on November 5, 2009 by in Blogging, David Alves, Social Media, ZAGlamour.
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