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Who "owns" your Tweets?

As we all know, Twitter has been one of the biggest online media platforms to circumnavigate the internet since the great start-ups such as MySpace and Facebook.

For those of you who are unclear about what Twitter is, you shouldn’t be reading blogs, or commenting on them for that matter, so please do me a f–king favour and move on to the next blog…relax, if you are interested in reading on, here’s a little blurb about what Twitter is and how it’s used:

Twitter is a Social Media Platform for people who just have to “write” about “what you they’re doing at a specific moment in time” or what’s on their minds and evidently cannot keep it to themselves, I should know, I’m one of them (Example: I’m sitting on the toilet, it’s great.).

Twitter allows people to post comments, limited to 140 characters long, as well as link web addresses to your “Tweets” (Twitter’s name for your comments) that you might find interesting or enriching of your “Tweet”.

You are also able to “Follow” people on Twitter, meaning you have the option to be constantly updated with what a specific person has to say or “Tweet”. As you build up your list of people to “Follow” as well as your “Tweet” count, so you will be “Followed” in return. Twitter is all about your “Following”, the more you “Tweet”, the more “Followers” you’ll get!

Just remember a few things…

  • You can protect your Tweets, allowing only the people who Follow you to view your Tweets, it’s secure, but limits your scope on potential Followers
  • You are what you Tweet, be careful what you say if you choose to keep your Tweets public, there are very attentive people out there
  • Twitter is mobile and you can update your Twitter account “on the move” with great mobile applications – with out a doubt, the way of the future which will be covered in another post

If you want some more help with Twitter, take some time to do research on the company and the online platform before you go off to your friends and complain about how “crap” it is because, “No one is following me…”…Boo Hoo Captain Tweet…have a read of this blog for some insight into why this phenomenon could be happening to you – http://bit.ly/GYSmV – it’s informative!

Now, to get back to more pertinent issues…is it just me or is Twitter making amendments to their Terms of Service every 2 months or so? I’d think that a major online corporation like Twitter would have had these so called “dynamic” amendments sorted out by now…or maybe I should be embracing the idea that a company like Twitter has to be constantly, flexing and bending their own rules in order to grow and adapt to their already incomprehensible following?

There is no doubt that Twitter is an incredible part of the online evolution as well as the ever growing mobile evolution, but I still stand firm in my opinion when I say that I would have thought Twitter would have their Tweeting-Tweet-Tweet-Shit sorted out by now…

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