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Introduction to me: David Alves

Hi there and Welcome to My Blog,

Firstly, thank you for viewing and reading My Blog.

I have taken the plunge into Blogging as an online release due to the limiting factors I find social media networks have these days. I am an avid Twitter user as well as Facebook and MySpace, yet, I find the outlet for freedom of expression some what limiting and thus have constructed this page. I am the owner of two companies, namely Guerrillas Gone Green and ZAGlamour. Both have their own identities and both capture very different sectors of the business world.

To start: An Overview of my current business world

Guerrillas Gone Greenhttp://www.guerrillasgonegreen.com/

Guerrillas Gone Green is an environmentally-friendly advertising agency devoted to offsetting our carbon footprint for every advertising campaign we are involved in as well as for our monthly energy consumption.

We integrate Guerrilla Marketing techniques and Environmental consciousness to create cutting edge advertising campaigns all the while using socially responsible methods.

Our Methods Include:

  • “Reverse Graffiti”
  • “Projection Advertising”
  • “Flash Mobbing”
  • “Moss Sculpturing”

AND Guerrillas Gone Green “Green Mobs” which are volunteer driven community clean up “mobs” who can be branded with logo’s, buy-lines and corporate images creating a socially responsible avenue for corporate clients to advertise their brands.Using our unique methods we create an alternative means of advertising for small, medium and major corporations, both locally and Worldwide.


At ZAGlamour, we pride ourselves as being a leader in the alternative advertising industry via our interactive online magazine. We are proud to say that we are totally devoted to the promotion of the undiscovered talent within the glamour industry of South Africa which includes, photography and its associated photographers, undiscovered models and designers of all kinds. A major part of ZAGlamour is the interactivity that the website provides to its subscribers.

All of our contracted models are active bloggers on the website giving a media platform for subscribers to interact with our gorgeous models through comments and replies to their insightful and humorous blogs. Another major interactivity of ZAGlamour is our glamorous events which will be held at premium venues throughout the country. This is a chance for the subscribers and invited ZAGlamour VIP’s to meet the Girls of ZAGlamour in a social environment.

At these exclusive events, all ZAGlamour invitees will be given VIP treatment by means of exclusive prize give-ways on the night as well as sponsored beverages. As a company, ZAGlamour is constantly striving to put itself forward to the public in every way possible in order to portray an approachable and welcoming, yet glamorous demeanor.

This attitude extends to every part of the company and its interactions with its members on the website as well as at ZAGlamour Premium Events.

As one can see, my business interests are vast and I here I hope to share my love for the business world I have created as well as unique and innovative business ventures I deem pertinent to myself, South Africa and hopefully you, my readers.

Look out for some personal banter on the way soon!


David Alves


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